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Help your guests craft unique gift experiences with add-ons.

Often you may hear it referred to as "cross-selling", "up-selling". Or if you’re a customer-centric organisation you could say "enhancing the guest experience". Simply- it's getting the customer to spend a little extra on an existing purchase.

How to maximise gift voucher sales with more on site promotion!

Positive emotions create spontaneous purchases and often lead to customers spending more than usual. As we've seen time and time again, marketers will target an emotional response, rather than their product features. (Think Christmas ads).

The big 10 holidays this year and how to use them to maximise your gift voucher sales

Happy New Year! To start this year off right it is critical that you put in place a marketing strategy to maximise your gift voucher sales.

The importance of embracing mobile optimisation for eCommerce

50% of Gift Voucher transactions online using the Enjovia platform are sold via mobile devices. So it’s time to ensure you are optimized and ready for mobile!

The power of storytelling to sell experiences

Stories are the currency of life! Even now, we walk around with constant mass storytelling, captivating and entertaining us. We see it in advertisements all around us, 24/7. Without even consciously realising, it’s right there in our pockets!

3 Ways Hoteliers can market gift vouchers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the largest consumer spending days of the year. Falling on 24th and 27th November this year. Is your hotel prepared?

Artificial Intelligence in hotels- 4 ways it could work for you

The future of Artificial Intelligence in hotels is here. Already we are seeing hotels with self-check-in, mobile booking and live-chat. We are at the beginning of seeing tech and AI mature into something even more exciting for hotel guests.

How to increase gift voucher sales- without discounts!

Yes, you really can increase gift voucher sales without resorting to discounts every time.

3 invaluable tips on how to promote your Christmas gift voucher sales

HO, HO, HO Hoteliers! We are fast approaching the festive run up to Christmas where we see sales of gift vouchers skyrocket. We’re here to help you make the most out your Christmas gift voucher sales with these 3 simple tips….

How the Celtic Manor Resort makes £2.2 million in gift vouchers

The prestigious Celtic Manor Resort located in Wales manages their gift vouchers to perfection. Most famously known as host to the NATO Summit 2014, and Ryder Cup 2010, the Celtic Manor gift voucher system has made more than £2.2 million worth of gift voucher sales in 2016.

Valentine’s Day Voucher Sales

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it best to share some [...]

Tapping into local markets as a world famous luxury hotel

World famous luxury hotels are the life-blood of many a local economy. Largely, by attracting tourists from across the globe.

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