Yes, you really can increase gift voucher sales without resorting to discounts every time.

Many companies use discounts to increase gift voucher sales. Discounting gift vouchers as a marketing strategy is a great way to spike your short-term sales.

You will see immediate results because all customers love a good deal.


Long-term use of this marketing strategy can potentially cause your business harm, especially if you are in a luxury market. So it’s important to use discounting with caution.

This is because discounts can be addictive for your customers. If you’re always offering discounts on your gift vouchers they will grow to always expect a discount.

Even if they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the voucher, they know they can get that experience at a cheaper price and they will wait until they see it on discount again.


See it? The trap of using discounts over and over again?


So how can you increase gift voucher sales without using discounts continuously?

It’s quite simple, just add value.

Adding Value

Sell your vouchers at full price and then include a little something extra. This gives your customers a sense of exclusivity that only comes with the gift voucher they receive.

You can make the added value as big or small as you please.


“Get an exclusive VIP experience on arrival with complimentary champagne on ice.”


To see an increase in gift voucher sales only offer the experience for a limited time.

Having a time limit is a great way to entice customers to act immediately- not wanting to miss out on the additional value.

“Runs out midnight! Get ready for the party season this Christmas and treat yourself to gel nails with a complimentary bottle of bubbly”.


Adding value is a more profitable way to increase gift voucher sales in the long run for your business. Although it is okay to use discounts now and again, use them appropriately and sparingly. Don’t put yourself in the position of only being able to sell your gift vouchers on discounts.


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