Kenwick Park Estate designed its £4.5 million ClubSpa and Evergreen Spa in 2016. With its state-of-the-art facilities, you will find true relaxation, while detoxifying, replenishing and healing the body.

The origins of a Spa

The word Spa is thought to derive from the Latin expression ‘Sanus per Aquam’ – healing through water.

Bathing is a form of relaxation, healing and beautification for many cultures around the world. Ancient Japanese traditions believe soaking in hot springs has natural healing properties. Still widely believed today, especially in the Shibu Onsen town of Nagano, Japan.  Immersing in hot water is a huge part of everyday Japanese culture, with many public Onsen (Japanese public bath) used on a regular basis for cleansing and overall well-being.

Top spas today capture the relaxation and reviving aspects of the natural hot springs, through a range of thermal spa suites, treatments and exercise facilities.

To get these advantages today we can think of no better place than Kenwick ParkEvergreen Spa.

Kenwick Park

The brand-new Evergreen Spa has a breath-taking thermal spa suite, that will allow you to heal and relax as the ancients did. From a hydrotherapy pool to an ice room, you’ll be amazed at how a full day at this spa will completely transform your well-being.

Read on to see how…

Outdoor Hydrotherapy pool

Let’s begin with their beautiful outdoor hydrotherapy pool. Tapping into the ancient healing properties of water, it is proven that a hydrotherapy pool soothes muscle pain. At a comforting temperature of 33°C to 34°C, it is especially effective in aiding the relief of fatigue, back pain, rheumatism and arthritis. It achieves this by using warm water jets to boost blood circulation and stimulating touch receptors on the skin. And with its outdoor location, you can experience the modern version of ancient bathing.


Evergreen Spa is one of the few spas in the UK to have a tepidarium. If you’re wondering what this is, you won’t be alone! A tepidarium at is a luxurious warm room, like a sauna but at a more manageable heat. Usually at a constant temperature at around 37°C, and very low humidity, a tepidarium is a pleasant room in which to relax and recuperate for around 30 minutes (or sometimes more!). With the heat channelling from the walls, floors and loungers, the room is soothing and ideal for relieving stress and calming the body and mind.

This is the perfect room to relax in to slowly warm the body before moving onto the more intense thermal rooms. Kenwick Park really has thought about creating a wonderful spa journey.

Sauna with Salt Wall

Kenwick Park maximises on the health benefits to the body, with their state-of-the-art sauna with a salt wall.

As we all know the dry heat of a sauna produces a deep healthy sweat. This relieves muscle tension and toxicity, opens pores and ultimately relieves stress. A salt wall sauna goes a step further with surprising benefits to the body.

The health benefits of inhaling salt were discovered in 1843 by Dr F Bochkowsky. He recognised the benefits of salt therapy, through salt miners in the salt caves of Eastern Europe.

Miners are widely known to have poor health through dangerous working conditions, but salt miners thrived on their environment. Surprisingly known to have a younger skin appearance and very rare respiratory issues.

The salt walls make this a sauna-like no other. Dry salt air has a more powerful effect physically and mentally on the body. This is because of the negatively charged ions in salt when inhaled improve our well-being. It can reduce inflammation and mucus in the lungs, and even contribute to a youthful appearance. A fantastic treatment for improving respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion.

Steam room

The Evergreen Spa has a spacious steam room that completes the spa experience. With endless benefits to the body, you’ll not want to miss out.

Where a sauna uses dry heat, a steam room is heated through a generator filled with boiling water. Steam rooms have temperatures of around 43°C- 46°C with very high humidity. Due to this, it’s suggested a steam room has higher health benefits than a sauna. It improves circulation, loosens stiff joints, aids in workout recovery and lowers blood pressure. Amazingly, a steam room also helps clear the skin as the heat opens the pores, and the condensation clears away dirt and toxins built up under the skin.

Ice room with ice fountain

Incredibly, the Evergreen Spa even has an ice room. The back and fore of using hot and cold on your body boots circulation and even minimise the appearance of cellulite! So, after an intense heat session in a hot room, retreat to the ice room to cool down. And if you’re feeling brave enough, lather your skin in ice from the ice fountain, for the ultimate refreshing experience.

Foot Spas

Foot spas are a fantastic way to give your feet the TLC they need. We love the built-in foot spas here at Kenwick Park. Sit back and indulge your feet in a warm water foot soak, it’s almost like having a treatment.

In the ancient healing practice of reflexology, the soles of the feet have a corresponding effect on the body. So immersing them in a bubbly soak of warm water will do more to relax you than you may think.

At the Evergreen Spa, you’ll find everything you’ll need to improve your well-being. There’s also a 20-meter indoor swimming pool, with a breath-taking timber roof ceiling. Absolutely perfect for those night time swims to see the stars. With a relaxing 3-meter jacuzzi style spa pool on poolside.

In amongst all the detoxifying and refreshing in the thermal spa suite, you can then retreat in the tranquil relaxation room to read a book or catch some zzz’s post-treatment.

Spa Treatments

The Evergreen Spa offers the best of British brands. Choose from first-class Elemis and Natural Spa Factory treatments and products.

Take a peek at their treatment menu, which has hard to resist choices such as, the New Elemis Garden of England Rose Restore Massage. Which uses a unique trio of rose, camelia and poppy seed oils to hydrate and restore elasticity and skin renewal.

Or the Elemis Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap, with a choice of Sweet Orchid or Frangipani Monoi Oil. This treatment uses the velvety, super- hydrating oils to quench the skin. All while you are wrapped up and cocooned to let the oils immerse into the body.

Natural Spa also has an indulgent facial treatment using the decedent Gold & Caviar range, to truly boost and smooth out the skin.

You’ll find the perfect treatment to suit you, from with a wide range of lavish and natural treatments.


And that’s not all that’s available at ClubSpa.

There is a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a variety of fitness classes and outdoor tennis courts for you gym bunnies and fitness lovers.

New Retreat Luxury Lodges

Complete your natural experience with a stay in the woods.

You’ll find peace and total relaxation, with an overnight stay in the new idyllic lodges.

Set amongst the mature woodland, the retreat lodges overlook an area of natural outstanding beauty. Kenwick Parks new lodges sleep up to 8 guests, with 4 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and 3 bathrooms, the lodges have a wonderful rural charm to accommodate all the family!

Located just 2 minutes away from the Kenwick Estate facilities. The lodges come with full use of the ClubSpa.


Give back to your body and indulge yourself in a truly relaxing experience at The Kenwick Park hotel. For more spa experiences see their options of spa gift experiences available here.