Enjovia’s powerful platform and variety of checkout options along with its unique flat design lets you create a beautiful product catalogue. Simple yet powerful options give the ultimate flexibility for your customers.

We don’t believe it is enough to provide our customers with just a platform, we want our customers to continuously improve their gift voucher sales. The Enjovia platform is packed with features to help you maximise your revenue, through offers, promocodes, addons, limited availability and more.

The Enjovia platform processes millions in gift voucher sales each year, we have the data to know what works and what doesn’t. We offer free consultation and advice to our customers on how to maximise their gift voucher revenue. Our customers often double and sometimes even triple their revenue overtime with us.

Image Rich
Image RichSell your experiences quickly and effectively
ResponsiveWorks and looks great on every device
CustomisableCreate fully customisable gift experiences

Hassle Free

Enjovia takes care of every element of the customer journey and provide you with real-time reports and analytics giving you the time to concentrate on maximising revenue with the knowledge that your customers and your brand are in safe hands.

Administration Dashboard

Enjovia includes an advanced admin dashboard allowing users to quickly & easily customize the product catalogue, promotions, add-ons and more.

Straightforward Fulfilment

Unlike other providers Enjovia does all our fulfilment in house, cutting out any unnecessary links in the supply chain. We offer a wide range of packaging options and offer international delivery.

Agile Innovation

Enjovia’s central principles are improving our service and your revenues. We don’t outsource product development to others. We have our own development team which means we can improve, change and personalise our platform.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple, a low commission on sales which is inclusive of card transaction fees. No fixed term contract and no upfront costs. No risk. Every sale goes straight into your account, we don’t hold onto your money.

Safe & Secure Payment

Enjovia supports payment providers Stripe and Realex, these are always on services that enable you to process payments and to be paid in a timely manner within a safe, managed, optimised and fully compliant environment.