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We’re the gift voucher management system designed to increase gift voucher revenue, simplify processes and improve cash flows.

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The global gift voucher system for hospitality

Enjovia is the gift voucher management system designed to supercharge your gift card sales. Launching your businesses own branded gift voucher store has never been easier. Create your free voucher store and instantly start selling your monetary and gift experiences.

Our award-winning gift card management system contains powerful management and admin tools to streamline your operations and improve your processes.

Our customers range from small BnB’s to large hospitality groups with dozens of brands, our system is easy to manage whether you’re a small local business or a large multinational operating multiple voucher stores across different countries.

Enjovia make gift certificate management easy. Discover why businesses around the world trust Enjovia to grow their revenue.

Supercharge your gift card sales
Streamline your operations
Get paid instantly
How does Enjovia work?

Beautiful gift voucher stores designed around your brand

Our voucher stores are a seamless extension of your brand. Offer your customers the best shopping experience with our mobile friendly, sales optimised stores.

Whatever you offer, sell it as a gift voucher. With our voucher system, you can sell your experiences as gifts, sell monetary values and even add optional upgrades to experiences.

Our online gift card software allows you to fully customise your voucher store.
Use your own logo, colours, images and fonts.
Full customisation of your stores CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
Change positions of buttons, products and menus.
Even add effects like falling snow at Christmas.
Sell to your customers wherever they are. Our gift stores offer full multi language support so your customers can browse and receive their gift certificate in their chosen language. Your customers can even leave a personal message on each voucher.

Here are some more features that our customers love:
Advanced promotion tools, like offers, limited sales & promocodes
No limits on the minimum or maximum of vouchers you sell
Simple Set up. Launch your new voucher store within hours

Why sell gift vouchers online?

Gift Voucher sales are an important source of revenue for any hospitality business and can often be the most profitable product you sell, with around 12-25% of gift certificates going unredeemed. That’s money that goes straight to your bottom line.

Here’s some interesting gift vouchers facts:
spend more than the voucher amount during their visit.
say they've been introduced to a new brand through a gift.
spend more when buying vouchers compared to tradition.
of gift voucher recipients become regular customers.
We’ve made it easy for you to see whether selling voucher will improve your revenue, our gift certificate software has no set up fees, no monthly fees and no fixed term contracts.

How we help our customers sell gift vouchers online


Boost revenue

Our main focus is increasing our customers gift voucher revenue. The Enjovia system offers the most revenue generating features of any system on the market.

Simplify processes

Voucher redemption has never been easier, redeem in one click. Our customers have total control of their own stores, think of our system as the Wordpress for vouchers

Improve cashflow

We don’t hold on to any of the money you make! After each sale, the revenue goes directly to your account. No more waiting for access to your own cash!
The simple to use
gift card, certificate maker and manager software
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The gift card system that just keeps getting better

There are loads of gift card service providers out there, what makes our online gift card software different, is that we build what our customers want. 

Need a feature that would help you sell more or make life easier for you? Let us know, we'll build it! Enjovia have a 98% retention rate after 7 years of operation, our customers love using a system that just keeps getting better and better.

Our in-house development team creates a steady stream of features and improvements to our gift voucher system. Enjovia offer the most feature rich system out of any gift card systems on the market today.

Does your business gift card program have specific requirements or integrations?

Talk to our expert onboarding team today!

Easily create and customise your gift cards

When you use our gift card management system, you can customize your store so that it’s SEO friendly and easily shareable on social media. Using our system, customers can even customize their experience with add-ons, allowing you to upsell products and services when the customer is purchasing gift cards. We also offer an in-house fulfilment service which sends out physical gift cards and physical gift vouchers on your behalf, so you never need to worry about the post again!

Weekend Retreat for Two

The perfect gift. Enjoy a blissful weekend getaway at one of our ...
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Our system is designed to be self-managed, no more painful waits to change a product or price. You can use our management tools to sell anything from monetary gift cards to experience packages with optional upgrades.

Use our gift card management system to create your perfect gift store catalogue.
Add images, descriptions, and T&Cs
Set validity from fixed periods to from purchase.
Optimise your SEO settings so your product gets seen.
Add potential upgrade options for upsell opportunities.

Weekend Retreat for Two

The perfect gift. Enjoy a blissful weekend getaway at one of our ...

Report, export analyse and improve

The Enjovia system tracks everything that happens on the system, from sales to user actions. Our system collects over 50 data fields on sales, which you can export in customisable sales, whether you are analysing sales to improve or keeping auditors happy, our gift card system will give you the data you need.
Built-in real-time analytics.
Compare sales over time.
Export any report from user redemptions to itemised sales.
Google analytics and tag manager integrations.

Simple redemption with our gift card processing software

Many digital gift card providers provide a similar service, but our aim is to provide the most feature rich and user-friendly online gift card system in the world.

Our digital gift card software makes voucher redemption a breeze. Our search system lets you find vouchers by number, name, address, product or date. You can redeem gift cards even faster by scanning the unique QR code on every voucher.

Fulfilment that’s reliable and dependable

Enjovia has its own in-house fulfilment team who print and send out physical gift cards and gift vouchers on your behalf, so you never need to worry about the post again!

The Celtic
Manor Resort

Our clients include some of the most iconic brands around the world.

Here is what The Celtic Manor Resort says about working with Enjovia.
Gift voucher results since switching to Enjovia:
New customers
Increase in sales
Annual voucher revenue
“Thanks to Enjovia’s innovation and development of our voucher systems, gift experiences have become a really important part of our business. 

A growth of 300 per cent in just three years speaks volumes for the impact Enjovia has had on our voucher sales. We now do in excess of £2.4 million in annual voucher sales”
Ian Edwards, CEO, The Celtic Manor Resort

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How can we help you?

What is a voucher management system?
Our gift voucher management system enables you to set up and administer an eCommerce voucher program with ease. You can use the system to manage a single store or to manage multiple voucher stores. With automatic fulfilment and simple redemption procedures, our gift card processing software takes the hassle out of managing online vouchers.
How do I sell a gift voucher on my website?
Once you have set up your program from the easy-to-use dashboard, our gift voucher software automatically sends out vouchers by email and processes payments via the secure Global and Stripe payment gateways. If you wish to sell physical vouchers too, we offer a fulfilment service for these that makes it simple for you to do so.
Is the gift card management tool for small businesses and large?
The gift voucher management tool is specifically designed to make it easy for small businesses to offer eCommerce vouchers to their customers. By handling payment processing and fulfilment for you, it simplifies the running of online voucher programs. If you want a gift card system for small business owners that makes your life easy, this is it!
How do I start a gift card program?
You can create a new voucher store in less than a minute with our management tool. All you need to do is enter the name of your store, your email and a password of your choice. When it comes to online gift card software programs, it really doesn’t get any easier than this.
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