How Celtic Manor make £2.3m in voucher sales

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Can you increase your voucher sales?

Most famously known as host to the NATO Summit 2014, and Ryder Cup 2010, the Celtic Manor has made more than £2.3million in gift voucher sales in 2016.

The prestigious Celtic Manor Resort located in Wales manages its gift vouchers to perfection.

The Celtic Manor has a huge range of luxury products and services. Without a doubt achieved through their great gifting platform, and quite possibly a team of superheroes in their marketing department!

However, it's clear the impact of gift vouchers in this day and age.

Every hotel today is trying to cater to all the needs of their customers. With the aim to be the best and in turn, attract more customers. One of the facilities that customers want today is to be able to share an experience that they enjoyed. - Especially with their loved ones.

For example, imagine you indulged in an unforgettable spa day? It may persuade you to want a loved one to experience that same wonderful day. Now, imagine being able to gift it to them right there and then.

What is a gift experience?

voucher sales

A gift experience typically takes the form of a luxury voucher, based on the experiences and services that are provided. Usually, gift experiences are gifted to another but on some occasions, many people purchase for themselves. Many hotels choose to gift overnight stays, restaurant experiences, spa days, golf or a combination package.

No matter how big or small a hotel is, there will always be a demand for a gift voucher service by their customers.

Gift experiences dramatically increase voucher sales. 

How can you increase voucher sales?

With an emerging desire for gift vouchers, several companies have started providing specialised online systems that enable hotels to retail and manage their gift voucher module.

These gift voucher websites are branded to the hotels' design and link right to the hotel’s main website. It is very important to make the customers feel they are buying directly from the hotel, giving them confidence about the services they are buying.

Customers choose from a customised range of products, which the content is managed by the hotel.

Customers pay securely online or at the hotel location, with money going directly to the hotel’s bank and/or PayPal account.

Receiving vouchers is easy. The gift vouchers can be collected from the hotel, sent to the recipient via email, or through a variety of postage and packaging options.

These systems also take care of the redemption side. (When the voucher is actually being used).

What are the advantages for hotels?

What better than an online system sitting in the background, collecting purchases of gift vouchers, with the money falling straight into a hotel’s bank account upfront?

Gift voucher services provide the hotel with more customers and more voucher sales. It also enables customers needs to be met. To further this - hotel brand awareness spreads like wildfire.

When experiencing vouchers, customers also spend more on other amenities such as food and drinks. Furthermore, if they liked their experience, they will most likely buy the same experience for someone else.

Consequently, 5-10% of purchased gift vouchers are never even redeemed. Which - you guessed it, means free money for the hotel!

For just a small amount, fully managed gift voucher systems can open a new revenue stream without actually adding any new services.

But there's more than just providing attractive gift vouchers!

It doesn't stop there! Only having a system that allows transactions to go through the website isn’t enough.

If you are familiar with the terms ‘user experience’ and ‘predictive data analytics’, then you'll see where we're going with this.

If you want to be ahead of the game you need to provide your customers with flawless user experience. The use of machine learning and rich analytics allow you to see purchasing patterns. You'll be able to find the answers to enable smarter marketing decisions, such as most popular vouchers, who's buying them, what times of the year, which campaigns are popular, and so on.

Also considering that more people today like to shop on their mobile phones and tablets, the voucher system should look good on all devices. Avoiding many lost sales!

To Conclude how Celtic Manor make £2.3m in voucher sales

celtic manor voucher sales

It is imperative that a successful gift voucher platform not only can provide beautiful vouchers, but they also need to be able to sell online, reach the desired fulfilment requirements, and more importantly provide rich analytics for marketers. The Celtic Manor's success with gift vouchers speaks for itself.

Have a look at Celtic manor’s gift experience website powered by Enjovia.

For your opportunity to grow and reach untapped revenues contact us at Enjovia here.

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