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Create unique experiences with gift voucher add-ons

3 min read

gift voucher add-onsGift Voucher add-ons will help boost your sales and add a unique element that makes sure you stand out from the crowd, let's see why...

This week we are going to do a small introduction to the experience add-on. Expect us to go into some more detail on this in a later blog post.

Often you may hear it referred to as "cross-selling", "up-selling". Or if you’re a customer-centric organisation you could say "enhancing the guest experience".

Simply- it's getting the customer to spend a little extra on an existing purchase.

In the case of gift voucher add-ons, it's providing the option to purchase an item that complements their existing purchase.

It would be similar to the recommended products or product bundles that accompany a selected item, that e-commerce giants like Amazon provide.

Our Figures

Notably, we see in our own sales figures that just over 5% of our gift voucher sales include an add-on product if they are available.

Over time these add-ons form a sizeable chunk of additional revenue, the revenue you won’t benefit from if you’re not offering them.

In addition to increased revenue, having add-ons provide customers with a more complete service.

Gift voucher add-ons allow each voucher to be a unique and personalised experiencevoucher add on

We know that buying a loved one a gift voucher is an emotionally involved purchase. During purchasing, buyers are often thinking of the recipient's emotional response to receiving and experiencing the gift.

Buyers will often add little extras to enhance the experience to make it that little bit more memorable and special.

For example, think about buying an afternoon tea voucher for your mum for her birthday. When offered a chance to add two glasses of Prosecco, it instantly changes the lovely afternoon tea to an afternoon tea celebration!

It is often the little touches that make a huge difference to the overall experience. And often people are willing to pay more for that.

Another example, let's say you were buying a night stay away in a hotel for your wife.  What if you came across the option to add rose petals or champagne on ice?

Suddenly, the overnight stay away becomes a romantic overnight stay -at a small extra cost.

personalised experiences

Often, giving your customer the chance to create personalised experiences is the difference between a customer choosing your voucher over a competitor.

With the bonus of capturing a little extra revenue in the process!

Find out more about how to create promotions for your gift voucher add-ons in our post, How to sell gift vouchers on my website?

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