How to sell gift vouchers on my website?

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How can I sell gift vouchers on my website?

The right gift voucher system enables businesses to reach more customers, encourage returning customers, while building credibility and reputation.

Whether for hotels, spas, restaurants or activities, gift vouchers and gift experiences are one of the easiest ways you can increase your revenue without making complicated changes.

But, to do this successfully you need a gift voucher system that suits you.

Here are some features that you should look out for when selecting your gift voucher system, no feature is too big- even for small business!

What gift card system features do I need to sell gift vouchers on my website?

1. Easy implementation and simple design

Many gift card systems are built for large industry-specific businesses; such as resort hotels. These systems have way too many features that overcomplicate a gift card system for small businesses.

This makes the process for setting up, administration and ordering a voucher over-complicated. Feature-rich systems scare away potential customers in search for something simple and easy to use.

Complicated and feature-rich gift card systems are also a burden for staff using the system. Small businesses don’t have the resources to appoint a sole specialised staff member on gift card management and support.

Many features are not only underused by small business but increase risks for mistakes to be made.

That’s why simple systems reign supreme. For small and even large businesses, a simple gift card system design should guide and support the sale of gift cards easily, without causing additional complications and stress.

2. Look for a system that encourages increased revenue support

A gift card system for small business doesn’t have to stop at just selling gift cards. You want to maximise your potential for gift card revenue. That’s why it is paramount that you use a system that offers the most revenue-generating features.

Some of these extra revenue-generating features include creating advanced promotions, promocodes, promotional banners, sales offers and add-ons.

Create Advanced Promotions and promo codes to sell gift vouchers

No matter the size of your business, when it comes to certain times of the year such as Christmas or Black Friday, you want the ability to attract more custom through generating promotions with your gift cards.

Create promotions such as minimum order spends, percentage discounts across specific vouchers using promo codes and even buy one get one free options. It’s 2020! These are pretty much standard features that are expected with stores so don’t skimp out on yours.

Use promotional banners and storewide sales offers to sell gift vouchers

It’s important to be able to use the right marketing to promote your gift cards on your store. Otherwise, your customers may miss your promotions and go to one of your competitors with more attractive gift cards.

That’s why you need to ensure your gift card system can allow you to put the right message in the right place. Promotional banners on your website are a must, it will attract attention and take visitors straight to the product for an easier sell.

Encourage and facilitate product Add-ons to sell vouchers online

Product add-ons are a crucial part of increasing revenue with gift cards. So this is an essential feature to include on your gift card system.

A product add-on is simply the option of fluffing up a gift card with additional services or products. For example, a gift card for a massage will have the option on check-out to ‘add-on’ chocolate-dipped strawberries, or champagne on ice to enhance the experience.

3. Control of your own vouchers system and store

You want a gift card system that you can have full control.

That means creating your gift vouchers, the promotions, price, images, text and all the fiddly customisations that set your gift cards apart from your competitors.

Branding, imagery and text

Think about your branding, can you customise your gift card store so that it matches your branding and website? This also includes being in control of creating and editing logos, headers, colours, backgrounds, creating promotional banners and more.

Gift Card Design

You also want a system that you can design and customise the look and messaging on your own vouchers.

You don’t want to be stuck to a standard layout, style and format system that looks the same as everyone else’s. You need the flexibility to not only stand out but to look and feel the way you want it without needing to contact someone to make the changes for you.

So look for a system with ready-made voucher templates with flexible design. With the ability to make it extra special by giving your customers the chance to add their own personal message on their orders.

Look for a system where you are completely in control of your own gift cards and gift card store.

4. Control of your own voucher prices

You need a system that you can easily log into and change pricing and promotions yourself. Also with the ability to create your own promotions unique to your business. You also want to be able to set up as many as your own gift vouchers as you’d like, with the ability to customise and make changes yourself.

- Without having to rely on external support.

Secure payment gateway

You also need to be able to use a secure payment gateway that can take a variety of payment types.

It’s important to look for a system where your gift card revenue goes directly to you, instead of your gift systems company who then pass on your revenue a month later.

5. Automated Delivery by Email or Post

Look for a system who provides a fulfilment service, sending out your gift cards by post on your behalf. The last thing you need when running your business is to think about getting all the first-class vouchers to the post office each day. This also includes email delivery of gift cards too.

Take control of your own postal options and charges. That’s why you need a system where you can decide on how much a first-class delivery to charge or a gift-wrapped voucher.

6. Sales Tracking

Even with a small business, you need to keep track of your sales, reports and analytics to tweak your campaigns, improving gift voucher revenue through data-driven sales.

Look for a system where you can review sales reports and analytics. Looking for patterns and reviewing your voucher campaigns will make more and more revenue success in the future.

Soon, with the right promotions and careful pricing strategies, you’ll see your gift cards making more revenue than you thought possible.

7. Redeeming gift cards

Look for a system with a simple redemption process. It’s important to have expiry dates and a redemption process on gift cards to ensure they have a one-time use. This way you can avoid duplicate vouchers being used over and over again fraudulently.

When processing gift cards in-house, your staff need to check the validity and redeem the voucher in a few seconds, allowing them to focus on keeping your customers happy and not taking too much time away from the service.

8. SEO Friendly gift voucher store

Your online profile is extremely important for your reputation. This is especially true for customers being able to find you swiftly and choose your store over a competitor.

That’s why optimising your SEO score even on your gift voucher store is equally as important.

Look for a gift card system that optimises SEO tagging for your online store.

9. Training support for using a gift card system

Sometimes you don’t know it all. Being able to rely on training and support from your gift card system can be the difference between you surviving or thriving.

10. Sell gift vouchers online through a variety of platforms

You need to be able to sell your experiences 24/7 on any device, any time, any place, anywhere!

Look for a system that can work on mobile, tablet and desktop.

How to sell gift vouchers on my website?

Before you worry about where you’ll find a gift voucher system that provides all of the above features, rest assured there is a system you can use today that ticks all these boxes.

We hope we've answered your question on how to sell gift vouchers on my website? Check out our gift card system here at to sell gift vouchers online. We provide all of the above features, support and more ensuring you get the most out of your gift card system and sell gift vouchers.

To get in touch for more information and to see what we can do for you, contact us here.

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