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3 Restaurant Industry Trends To Keep An
Eye On In 2023

3 min read

The past couple of years has been tough on the restaurant industry, with the global pandemic, recession, and supply chain disruptions, some major blows for restaurants globally. 2023 is the year to maximise recovery and growth with the latest technology and smart strategy.

The restaurant industry has been developing exceptionally under the influence of technology, similar to other industries. To operate your business in this industry, you must know the latest restaurant industry trends in 2023 and prepare your business to compete with others.

Let’s dig further to determine which trends will shape the restaurant industry in 2023.

What Food Trends will Emerge in 2023?

2023 is the year of revitalising yourself and your restaurant by improving your service. Look at some of the latest food trends expected to emerge in 2023.

Dynamic Menu Pricing

With the soaring inflation and decreasing customer purchasing power, people will be looking for ways to cut back their expenses at eateries. These people are a significant part of the total market, and to cater to their needs, restaurants can design free restaurant menu templates with dynamic pricing.

Instead of fixing prices of different menu items, restaurants can create an attractive digital menu where prices are adjusted in real-time. This approach will allow price-sensitive customers to order during off-peak hours instead of completely cutting off their transaction volume.

Although restaurants have been working on this pricing model over the past two years, this trend is expected to become even more popular this year.

Solo Dining

Does it feel embarrassing to ask for a table for one at a restaurant? 2023 might be the year to solve this problem. Solo dining might be one of the most popular restaurant industry trends in 2023. The increasing trend of solo dining has encouraged restaurants to make better arrangements for solo diners.

Besides offering adequate seating, restaurants would use a menu maker to include meals-for-one and smaller portions for single diners. Additionally, restaurants would focus on improving their overall services, from approaching customers to offering free Wi-Fi to enhance their customer experience.


Yes, believe it or not, vouchers will likely increase in popularity throughout 2023. Why? Restaurants will be looking for any way to retain customers and increase loyalty. Gift vouchers are a fantastic way to do this and allow restaurants to earn more money in the process.

Our gift voucher management system makes it even easier for restaurants to create vouchers, and we expect our busiest year yet in 2023.

Sustainability on the Menu

Increasing climate change issues and awareness makes people more inclined towards organic and sustainable food. Plant-based food and vegetarian alternatives to meat-based food will be in great demand.

To cater to this demand, restaurants must plan and redesign their menus smartly. Food items like mushrooms, pulses, and grains, might be your must-have kitchen items in 2023, as they are usually the main ingredients in most sustainable meals.

The idea of offering sustainability on the menu also means increasing transparency. Restaurants may need to train their front staff to provide diners with valuable and correct information regarding menu items. You may also include eco-friendly tableware to enhance customer experience.

Ready to Embrace the Latest Restaurant Industry Trends 2023?

After experiencing slow growth for the past years, the restaurant industry is set to gain momentum with the latest industry trends this year. You must plan well and adapt to the changing environment to stand out from the crowd.

Use a customer-focused approach to cater to economic challenges and improve your overall efficiency. Technology will be your most significant opportunity, so make it count.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the trends in restaurants?

Sustainable dining, contactless ordering, customisation, and fine dining are some of the latest trends in restaurants.

What is the future of the restaurant industry?

The future of the restaurant industry is expected to be significantly influenced by technology. Digital menus, online ordering, and technologies for improving operational excellence will determine the future of the restaurant industry.

Will there be enough food in 2023?

According to experts and researchers, there will be a food shortage in 2023 due to increasing demand, insufficient agricultural activities, and other issues.

What are the biggest threats to the restaurant?

The biggest threats to a restaurant are fluctuating food prices, high competition, and changing customer preferences. Increasing inflation and the shortage of food supply are also significant threats to the restaurant industry.

What are the three cores of a successful restaurant?

The three cores of a successful restaurant are excellent customer service, delicious food, and effective marketing. They determine the success and growth of a restaurant.

What are three current food trends?

The three current food trends are climate-conscious food, geopolitical dining, and zero-waste cuisines.

Which type of food will be more popular in future?

Plant-based food, vegetables and fruits, grains, air-fried items, and low-sugar food will be more popular in future.

What are the 4 Ps of a restaurant?

The 4 Ps of a restaurant are the product, price, place, and promotion. These 4 Ps represent the essential marketing mix components for a restaurant business.

What are the three trends in the hospitality industry?

The latest three trends in the hospitality industry are global perspective, sustainability, and customisation.

What are the 5 most important factors in choosing a restaurant?

The 5 most important factors in choosing a restaurant are food items on the menu, ambience, hygiene, location, and service.

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