B2C blogging ideas to promote your business

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We have listed the top 10 B2C blogging ideas to increase your web traffic and introduce a lucrative long-term inbound marketing strategy.

The ROI on your Content Marketing is a slow burner, and it can take years to see the results from it. So do not delay your blog any longer. In this article we will go through the following:  

1. The benefits of a blog to your business. 

2. The type of blog content you should produce

3. Top 10 Blog ideas to promote your business 

Benefits of a blog to your business:  

Top 10 B2C blogging ideasIncreased Website Traffic  

Your blog content will drive people to your website, increasing your web traffic by 55% according to Hub Spot.

Even though some visitors will have no desire to use your product or service, it doesn’t matter, because with great organic content people will return to your website for more.  In turn, becoming loyal to your brand through the content you produce.  

Blog authority and leadership 

Over time with a consistent stream of reliable and credible content, you’ll become a thought leader in your industry.  A thought leader is THE source to turn to for unique and new insights. Although this is the pinnacle of content marketing, it is not easy to achieve and will require years of high-quality organic content that is shared and viewed consistently. Take a look at Brian Dean, he has become THE thought leader for backlinks in SEO Marketing.

This is when the magic happens. People will recognise you as a THE credible source of information and will trust you and your brand completely. In turn, generating a lot of loyal customers and followers. Which ultimately means that the visibility of your product and services is massively enhanced. Hello next level sales!  

Type of blog content you should produce 

As a Business to Consumer (B2C) company, it is important that you produce content that is enjoyable and desirable to your customers.  

That is why it is important for your blog to have varied content. What I mean by this is to not make it all 'salesy' about your products and services. Your readers will see right through this and be put off very early on. So think of content that ticks these 3 categories:  

1.Informative or Instructional, 2. Enjoyable and Entertaining or 3. Opinionated or Personal.   

Note: It’s smart to have a subtle Call to Action (CTA) in some of your posts. When presented in a gentle approach, your readers will welcome the link to your products or services. For example, a tie to link your experience vouchers when talking about your own services. 


Top 10 B2C blogging ideas Top 10 b2c blogging ideas 

Our customers are in the following industries: restaurant experiences, hospitality and spa, country houses and camping, farm shops and activity centres. Whether you are in one of these industries or not our top 10 blog topics should spring to mind some ideas for you.  

To make this more digestible we’ve broken the blog tops into a couple of ideas per industry, but you’ll find some can be interchangeable across industries:  


1. Going Green

Posts on how you are contributing to saving the environment are always a winner.  This is particularly important in restaurants where there is a known high percentage of food waste. You could also blog about how you source your produce locally or use seasonal and organic dishes.  

Ay news on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or showing your part for the environment is always great content to boast about.  

2. How your experience is turning heads 

A new runner in the restaurant industry is dining experiences. Check out how restaurant experiences are taking over traditional high street spending as gifts.

Write a post about how your restaurant experience is something not to miss. You could even invite a food blogger to write a review. There are so many out there and their blogs are incredibly popular!   


Hotel and spa 

3. Big Events 

A great post for the hospitality industry is an article dedicated to your hotel events or special themes throughout the year. Many of your customers will not know about any special events, so blogging about them is a great opportunity to inform and even get more traffic to your website.  

4. Health and wellbeing Benefits 

An important article for a spa is the wellbeing and health benefits of a treatment or a relaxing spa day. A spa that can give factual evidence behind the benefits of a spa treatment will sway any paying customer. Especially if you offer alternative treatments or have a fantastic spa suite for relaxing.

Campsites or Country House 

5. Local Attractions 

A fantastic article to write for a camping, glamping or country house blog is the top local attractions.  

A family or couples looking to get away into nature may prefer to pick a spot with lots of nearby activities to get involved in. With a list of things to do near you, you’ll surely attract visitors to your website. They may even decide to stay with you as they’ll trust your local knowledge and advice on the unfamiliar area.   

6. Favourite Hiking Spots  

Alternatively, if there are no activities near you, a great piece would be top hiking spots. You could make this generic and large, for example, the ‘Top Hiking Spots in Wales’ (and choose a spot near you), or focus on many spots close to you, with you being the central hub of the hikes.  

7. Alternative Wedding Venues  

Growing in popularity is weddings and not just any old wedding, alternative wedding venues! A favourite with newlyweds is barns, marquees and campsites. So, if you offer wedding venue space you would be shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t blog about it!

Farm Shop

8. Local Community  

To be seen working with the local community is increasingly becoming important to people. So, if you are a local farm gift shop, blog about your service to the locals or even your impact on the environment or wildlife around you.

As we mentioned earlier any information to improve health and wellbeing is always a bonus, so if you produce organically grown jams be sure to make a big deal of it!  


Activity Centre

9. Our top recommendation for...  

A great blog post for an activity center, gym or health club could be your top recommendation on sporting gear. You’d be surprised how many people are seeking information and advice on the best running shoes to have. The best part about posting a recommendation blog post is the ability to feature more and more posts like this. You could end up doing a whole blog series throughout the year.  

10. Things to do for the kids/ family  

Throughout weekends or school holidays, parents can go crazy trying to think of activities to entertain the kids. Writing a post on the different fun activities in your area is a great way to get visits through to your website. And you’ll almost certainly get parents flocking to you for more information.  

So there is our top 10 list to get you going.  As you can see many of these blog post ideas can be used across any industry.

Check out more ideas:

This blog post was inspired by Elna Cain at Blogging Wizard, where she lists her 60 Blog Post Ideas For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, And Businesses. Take a look at the infographic below where you can see these 60 blog post ideas easily. Here you will find an incredible in-depth list of blog post ideas to get your content marketing skyrocketing!  

Make sure you check out  Blogging Wizard, for more great tips on blogging for your business.  

We hope you enjoyed this post on the Top 10 B2C blogging ideas.

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