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Gift card marketing slogans

3 min read

This blog post highlights gift card marketing slogans for different occasions to inspire you with unique ideas.

When selling gift cards you need yours to stand out from the rest, that’s why attracting the right attention with clever gift card marketing slogans is a must!

What is a slogan?

Your brand slogan is a clever way to use wording to catch the attention and entice your audience.

You can use slogans to not only draw attention to your gift cards but point towards the benefits of your product.

Use meaning in your marketing

Great slogans should not only highlight your brand but hit a chord with your customers with meaning, as this tells your customers what your brand stands for and confirms their alignment to your product.

Importance of clever marketing with words

To achieve meaning with your slogan, you need to select your marketing words carefully. Your slogan needs to stand out and attempt to stay within the mind of your customer.

Benefits of marketing slogans

Here are some reasons why using clever marketing slogans will be beneficial:


Brand recognition

With your catchy slogan, unique logo, and brand name, you can create your brand identity. Your slogan needs to be in line with your brand identity so it is easily recognisable and relatable to your target market.

Your slogan will help bridge the gap between your business and customers. Your voice and the words used in your slogan speaks to them and helps them relate to your products.

Your slogan will also enable you to stand out from your competition, making your marketing distinctive and recognisable.

Global companies like Nike and McDonalds have created unique and memorable slogans that are globally recognised. “Just do it” and “I’m loving it”- I’m sure you know which slogan belongs to who.

While you may not have a globally recognised brand, you can use slogans to your advantage using the same clever marketing techniques that increase attention and demand for your product.

What should slogans include?

Your slogan should be a way of communicating to your customers what the product is about, its best qualities and what your customers can gain from it.

Take a look at the list below for some qualities that a strong gift card marketing slogan should include:

  • Make it catchy and brief- maybe three to five words long.
  • Make it align with your brand identity.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Include an emotional attachment.

Emotional Trigger Words

We’ve discussed the power of words in a previous post on how to sell customer experiences.

But it’s important to reiterate the importance of using influential words in your marketing, as they can strongly encourage a customer to purchase your product.

Using emotional trigger words are an effective way of doing this, especially when using positive power wording such as ‘Delight’, ‘Boost’, ‘Indulge’ and so on.

When it comes to gift-giving, people are looking to give gifts with meaning- this is especially true when buying gift experience cards.

Experiences tend to evoke feels of thought and care much more prominently than a product or cash gift.

Should I optimise my gift card marketing slogans with keywords?

Before we get into some examples of gift card marketing slogans, it’s important first to acknowledge that your time and energy in selecting the right slogans are wasted without the right exposure.

Successful marketers are using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to their advantage. When looking for a product title or slogan, try to carry out some keyword research first and find any popular search terms that relate to your product.

Find keywords with high searches and low competition. Then when you’ve found a strong keyword, you should base your slogan on it for high rankings on search engine pages.

Gift card marketing slogans by event:

Below are some gift card marketing slogans that you can use for inspiration.


Christmas is the biggest gift card event of the year. While shoppers all over are looking for new, unique and thoughtful gifts to make their loved ones feel special, they are also more likely to make purchases on gifts they wouldn’t usually buy. They visit places, eat at restaurants and even wear clothes they wouldn’t usually.

Some Christmas slogans to try:

  • Get into the festive spirit with  e.g “Festive high tea for two” [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • Is it too late to be good? Seize the moment with [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • Make it a December to Remember with the indulgent [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • Immerse your loved one in joy with [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Make it even more blissful with [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • It’s the season of giving! Give a gift of love with [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]
  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year, be merry and bright with [Insert Christmas theme gift card experience]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is that one day in the year we get to show our mother’s our appreciation for their role. Create memorable and emotionally targeting slogans to win the hearts of shoppers looking for the perfect gift.

  • There’s no greater gift than a mothers love.- but a close second is our [Insert the name of your gift experience] “luxury overnight stay gift experiences”
  • It’s Mother’s day today; make her day special.
  • Tell Mum how much she means to you; it’s Mother’s Day.
  • Tell Mum you care for her; it’s Mother’s Day today.
  • Today do that one special thing to show you care; it’s Mother’s Day.
  • Your mother always pampers you; today on Mother’s Day you can pamper her too.
  • Your mother deserves all your love; show it to her on Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day

You don’t get many chances in the year to tell your father how much they mean to you and how you appreciate them. Here are some fatherhood gift card marketing slogans to introduce into your marketing campaigns. On father’s day, you can get away with being slightly more tongue in cheek as well as being sentimental.

  • A father carries pictures where his money used to be, fatten his wallet again with [insert gift card experience].
  • A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you. Show him back with [Insert your gift card here]

Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is about sending a message of love and care to your loved one. Create slogans that speak of love and devotion that does the talking for the buyer.

  • This Valentine's Day, get your sweetheart just what they deserve, [insert your gift card experience here].
  • Valentine's Day is finally here, deliver them their heart's desire…
  • Make sweet savings with our Valentine's Day deals.
  • Celebrate love this Valentine's Day... show you care by giving them a gift to remember.


Whatever the occasion your gift card marketing slogans should make a connection to your buyer. To do this your gift card marketing slogans must match your marketing brand.

For example,

If you’re a high-end luxury spa you don’t want to use slogans that cheapen your branding.

Likewise, if you’re promoting a low cost, fun and family orientated activity experience you shouldn’t use wording that suggests your brand is sophisticated and exclusive. It will be more successful if it’s communicated as affordable, fun and memorable.



We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your gift card marketing slogans from this post.

If you found what you’ve read helpful, please share on your social media and tag us on Twitter or Linkedin.

For posts on promoting your gift cards and gift experiences, look at our past post: gift certificate advertising ideas.

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