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Gift vouchers for holidays- manage COVID cancellations

3 min read

Hotels and holiday suppliers dealing with the booking and cancellation cycle brought on by covid-19 lockdowns should consider promoting gift vouchers for holidays.

Today we’re going to share with you why it’s a great idea…

The impact of lockdown on the hospitality industry

It’s fair to say the impact of the Coronavirus lockdown has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard. With the UK’s economy having its lowest performance since the Great Frost of 1709, it's no surprise that constant closures and an uncertain roadmap out of the crisis are making hotels suffer right now- with many not surviving.

When we look at global hotel giants such as Hilton Hotels, we can get a pretty clear idea of how hard the coronavirus pandemic has hit the hospitality industry.

They suffered an 81% net loss totalling an enormous sum of $430 million!

To make things worse, the lockdown restrictions have forced so many hotels to not only close but to begrudgingly cancel upcoming bookings and issue full refunds, not helping already weak cash flows.

Each week the lockdown restrictions are in place, the harder and harder it becomes for hotels to make it through. Even with grants, furlough and the termination of non-essential staff, hotels are barely able to keep their heads above water with so many outgoing costs and few resources allowed to generate enough revenue to make a difference.

When will lockdown end?

Over a year ago, if you were told you would be under national lockdown, restricting where you go and who you see you’d more than likely laugh at such a preposterous idea. But look over what we’ve all experienced.

‘This is the last lockdown!’ - we keep getting promised, but in the UK we’ve been told this 3 times already. How many more lockdowns could potentially come?

With the future so unpredictable, hotels need to strategize a plan for any eventuality.

Implementing lockdown revenue-generating strategies

In this post, we will be looking at how to create gift voucher holiday packages that will enable hotels to forget about cancellations and refunds, and focus on generating instant revenue for future service. - An ideal revenue-generating strategy that can continue to be promoted during and after lockdowns.

What do people want?


Over the year major UK airlines are losing on average £100million a week.

With Britain's borders being effectively shut and the anxiety of international travel, UK hotels have a major advantage in capturing the interest of their fellow countrymen and women to consider an at-home holiday with loved ones instead.

Family and friends

Lockdown has been a weirdly dystopian time for many. People have been separated from family and friends for some time now. Many will be planning to unite with their loved ones in an intimate and memorable way!

As a hotel, you are in a fortunate position to create an experience that allows these special memories to be created.

You simply need to sell the perfect gift vouchers for holidays experience.

New ways to make money with gift cards and gift vouchers

We have witnessed hotels across the globe turning to the ‘pay now service later’ bailout that selling gift cards can offer during the pandemic.

While not a complete bailout- it has surely been a great method of staying engaged with customers while bringing in a steady income where usual business is paused.

However, new gift card strategies are needed!

We’ve highlighted the absolute importance of selling experiences as a way to interest customers and sell better and more gift cards during the lockdown restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

The experiences are now opening the doors to bigger and better ways of thinking.

Hear us out with the think-big, win-big benefits for both hotel and guests.

A way to deal with the constant cancellations?

Due to uncertainty and to offer reassurance many holiday suppliers have offered no argument full refunds for advanced bookings. The problem with this method is it will take money back out of the business if lockdowns or rules are extended. Gift vouchers can be offered instead of refunds, allowing the customer the full value of their booking at a later date. In this way, they can hold onto a ‘promise’ of a holiday to come. This keeps the money in the business and the customer retains the security and safety of not having their money/deposits wasted.

Why use gift vouchers for holidays?

Instead of limiting your experiences to single experiences or small packages you should consider broadening your horizons and offering fully-fledged holiday packages for the family.

Offering a holiday experience with all aspects taken care of is a real stress reliever for the organiser- which elevates the experience in new ways.

Benefits of a gift voucher holiday package to guests

  • Hotel guests get to purchase a holiday package at a steal of a deal that can be used anytime when a hotel is back open for business.
  • Guests can enjoy a stress-free booking that means
  1. no ringing around trying to organise and tie people in to commit to a date,
  2. lock in a great deal on price with no worry about inflation of prices
  3. book at any time when the hotel reopens
  4. can be given as a special gift for future use
  • Packages can be flexible to allow for personalisation. - An important feature trending for consumers.

Benefits of a gift voucher holiday package to the hotel

  • Hotels can get large instant payment enabling a steady stream of revenue while the business is closed due to lockdown
  • Booking cancellations and refunds can be avoided

What is a holiday gift experience?

A holiday gift experience voucher should be the embodiment of a holiday package. These should have a number of people, night stays, food and even activities included.

  • Overnight stays for multiple nights and people
  • Including breakfast and dinner
  • Include spa treatments, golf, kids activities or other services your hotel offers.

Begin your gift vouchers for holidays today!

We hope you enjoyed this post on gift vouchers for holidays. For any more information on setting up a gift voucher store today, get in touch at enjovia. 

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