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Bounce back from lockdown with successful hair salon advertising examples to engage with your customers.

The hair salon industry is a very competitive one. It's hard to get new people in the door, which is why it’s important that salons do what they can to advertise to potential customers.

Utilise social media

A business would be foolish to not have a social media presence these days. With that being said, we’re sure you already have at least one social media account.

But how should you be using social media to advertise your salon?

Which social media platforms should I use?

Of all of the social media marketing tools out there, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most powerful. Approximately 67% of marketeers say Facebook is their top social media channel and many hair focused brands use this platform to get their message across

An important part of any social media strategy is being consistent. So being able to use all three platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) can be a great way to reach more people without getting too repetitive.

Advertising on one platform also makes it easier for users to find you when they're looking for something specific.

Implement Facebook Ads for your local customers

Facebook ads are different from PPC ads because it works more passively, while PPC is more of an active form of promotion. – specifically, Facebook ads appear as a result of non-specific searching habits. In that case, your objective as a business owner is to catch their attention, get them to interact with you and hopefully convert them into a customer.

It's important to provide discounts on Facebook bookings when potential customers are browsing social media. And providing a compelling CTA when they have a limited time offer can help encourage them to make a booking.

Give your social media presence a personality!

The beauty industry is an inherently people-centric business. To have repeat customers, you need to retain relationships with them so they trust your brand.

Social media is a great way to showcase your business to the world. It can be a fun and interactive way for potential customers to get a feel for the company and its personality.

Injecting your personality into your social media presence will help you connect with potential customers. Just make sure to think about the types of things you post and how it could impact your brand.

Marketing through social media can be done in many different ways that range from posting pictures of promotions, making videos, or even creating humorous memes that will have people scrolling through your content.

Run a social media contest

Establishing a social media contest is a great way to engage followers and potential customers.

The first step is to create an original, interesting prize that people will be interested in. The prize doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, but it should have some value. You can choose from anything from a free haircare treatment at the salon to a gift card for a restaurant.

Next, publicize the contest by posting an image of your prize to your social media channels and tagging your followers in the post. If you don't have enough followers on social media, try reaching out to friends and family for help or boosting your posts with paid ads on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Create video content

One of the best ways to market service is through a video series. It might sound like a daunting task, but it's actually really simple if you have the right tools.

With a video series, you can provide information on your services and let potential customers see what they have to look forward to when they come in for their first appointment!

A study from Smart Insight found that 53% of customers who engage with a brand after watching a video on social media maintain that video can be an effective form of marketing.

A video of a stylist giving a haircut to a customer might be viewed for 20 seconds or more, while an ad banner or image post may only be glanced at for 10-20 seconds before being dismissed.

In addition to this, when someone is scrolling through their feed on social media, they are able to skim through videos and ads much faster than they can with text or images that must be actively read. This means that these hair salon videos are more likely to grab customers' attention and keep it longer than other types of content.

Compilation videos of inspiring hairstyles and before and after hair treatments are popular.

Create a selfie station in your waiting area

mobile apps

In order to offer a more personalized experience to customers, many hair salons have installed selfie stations inside their establishments.
People are always looking for ways to express their individuality, and this is one way that salons have been able to meet the needs of customers.

By your customers uploading these images and tagging to your social media account, you can get free marketing. Reaching audiences on platforms outside of your company, which means you get to sell to more people.

Work with local influencers

By spending more time on social media, hair salons can create an alternative publicity channel that enables them to reach potential customers by strategically partnering with influencers.

Influencers can draw in potential customers and increase awareness of the business. This is because people tend to trust what they read on social media and influencers can help spread information about the salon that may not be seen otherwise.

The rise of influencer advertising is due to the fact that they are able to reach a larger audience. They are popular because they are able to provide information about the product or service that is not available through traditional advertising methods. They can also show specific details about how people might use their products.

Advertise out of normal working hours

One of the most effective ways of hair salon advertising is to advertise out of normal working hours. Hair salons are often competing with other similar establishments, so it is important to use every possible method to advertise effectively.
You can have a simple yet effective advert in your window, which will show customers that your business is open even when it might not be obvious. You can also have a window banner or even a large sign outside the building that advertises the opening hours.

Online, you should include your opening times on a homepage banner, and even showcase on your social media. Either through posts or by adding to your daily stories.

Some people might feel that advertising outside of normal working hours is too expensive to do, but if you consider how many customers you are potentially missing by not being open during these times, it may be worth investing in.

In general, most hair salons open from 9 am to 8 pm. However, they should consider advertising out of these hours as well.

Simplify your booking service

There are many ways to make your service booking process easier for customers, but what do you do if you don’t have enough staff to answer the phone?

By setting up a telephone line specifically for booking appointments, you can harness technology to allow your staff to focus on more important tasks.

You must also consider that some people are simply too busy or just don’t want to call. For these individuals, online booking is the way forward. By having an easy-to-navigate website with an intuitive booking system, you won’t have any problems getting new clients through the door again.

Reward Referrals

The objective of hair salon advertising is to bring in new customers. One way to do so is by rewarding customers who refer new clients.

Reward customers who give referrals with a discount on their next haircut or styling service or a free haircut card for their friends!

Referral advertising is highly trusted by all groups. Whether Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X or Boomers, they all favour and trust referrals by above 80%.

Get listed on Google My Business

In the past couple of years, salon owners and marketing teams have been using digital marketing channels like Google My Business to target their audiences and get more customers.

If you want to make your salon visible to potential clients, we recommend you to register your salon on Google My Business.

Anyone searching online for hair treatments in your local area will be automatically shown your salon. When they otherwise may not even know of your existence.

Sell gift cards

A great way to entice new customers is to use gift cards with a hair salon.

Gift cards are a great way to provide your customers with an experience they will remember.

Imagine the satisfaction of being pampered in a hair salon after spending hours cutting, colouring or styling your hair- all for free. That’s why gift cards for hair salons are a wonderful idea.

Many customers go to salons to have their hair styled and cut anyway. Gift cards enable shoppers to give loved ones gifts that they know will be appreciated and used.

It's also a good idea to have gift card deals. A little bit of extra savings can go a long way when it comes time for the customer to make the decision of whether they want to buy your product or not.

Create a salon gift package

This ties in perfectly with setting up a gift card store for your salon.

You can never go wrong with a gift card. It's a great way to show someone how much you care and it's also perfect for people who enjoy getting creative with how they spend their money.

Gift cards for hair salons are pretty popular and they're a great way to pamper someone without them even realizing it. But if you want to really make your loved one feel like royalty, getting them the ultimate salon gift package is the best option.

By creating and selling a combination of treatments, some lucky customers can have the ultimate all-day treat and get them wanting to come back for more.


Getting started with your hair salon advertising examples

We hope you feel inspired by our list of hair salon advertising examples. For more information on setting up a quick and simple gift card store for your salon, contact us here.

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