Hotel packages examples

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In this blog post, we look at hotel packages examples for a successful business

Introduction: What is a Hotel Package?

A hotel package is a set of products or services that are bundled together and offered at a discounted rate. These packages are typically aimed at the tourist market, with the hope that they will generate more revenue than if each component were sold separately.

A hotel package includes many different things. It can include transportation from the airport to the hotel, or it can include breakfast in the morning. It might also include a tour, such as a visit to an art gallery or historical site.

Tourists purchasing these packages often find them more convenient than purchasing each component separately. This is because they don't have to do any research themselves about what they need and where they need to go.

For hotels that have enticing packages, it can also be a major factor in a tourist’s choice of hotel. Whether they are getting a deal or a unique experience, packages can boost your hotel revenue.

How to Create an Effective hotel package for your business?

Hotels are in a unique position to offer packages to their customers. They know what customers want and how they want it.

The most important thing when designing a package is to make sure it is tailored to the customer’s needs and preferences.

There are many different types of packages that you can create for your business, but one of the most popular is the all-inclusive package. It includes things like room accommodations, meals, transportation, and more.

Leading hotels think much further than this. They consider their guest’s experiences and create hotel packages for the ultimate memorable stay.

how to improve guest experience in hotels

Creating gift voucher experience packages for your hotel

What makes a hotel experience special?

A hotel, in order to stay competitive, needs to offer more than just a room. It also needs to provide guests with an experience. A memorable experience. The best way for a hotel to do this is by creating a gift experience package for the guest.

A gift voucher experience is an easy way to provide your guests with a personalized and unique memory. The gift voucher can be used for overnight stays, spa treatments, restaurant dining, and more. You can also customize the experience by adding in a drink or two at the bar. All of this comes together to create an unforgettable stay that will keep your guests coming back for more!

A simple way a hotel can package an experience could be to include a welcome note from the hotel, some local items, and some personalized items that are related to the theme of the trip or event that is taking place at the hotel.

For example:

- A welcome note from the hotel front desk staff with a personalized message and signature

- A small souvenir from the city where they are staying

- A personalized letter with recommendations of places to visit or things to do in their free time

- Drinks on ice on arrival

- Dinner with evening entertainment

- An experience in the hotel spa the following day

- include a quirky or memorable experience

- To incorporate high-end luxury

Hotel packages examples with unique experiences

Let’s next look at some famous examples that hotels have tried with success!

1.   Hotel Erwin

Standing out for very a unique experience is at the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach in California.

They have a dedicated their brand to creating unique and memorable experience packages for their guests. From car valet hotel packages known as the ‘Dude, where’s my car” experience, to the ‘Party like a rock star’ concert/hotel package.

They’ve created incredible hotel packages that plan and bundle up an itinerary for their guests. All their customers need to do is to show up, experience Venice Beach and let Hotel Erwin take care of the rest.

2. The Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort

The Marriott in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands put their experience packages into niche customer profiles.

Catering to children, the resort sells an ‘Under the sea’ experience. Perfectly balancing education with fun activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming with turtles and snorkelling. As well as tickets to the St. Thomas Coral World Ocean Park. This is a great example of how a hotel can attract families to their resort using their hotel packages.

3. The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida

The Alfond Inn

This unique hotel knows the importance of dogs to families. That’s why they offer hotel packages with pet dogs welcome. The dogs get special treatment too with a private dog walker, keepsake water bowls and turn down treats. The Alfond also makes a donation to The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando with each package booked.

They also offer extravagant shopping packages with an overnight stay, as well as adventure park packages including local city tours.

All of these hotels have a commonality- they are prioritising experiences! Whether by including dogs on the family holiday, or encouraging exploration of the local area. When their guests stay with them, they have a full experience that leaves them with wonderful memories.

hotel packages examples
hotel packages examples

Conclusion and Next Steps: The Future of Hotel Packages

The future of hotel packages is bright. With the introduction of AI and machine learning, we are able to provide personalized offers to customers and give them the best possible experience.

We are already seeing hotel packages examples of this available today. Where machine learning is utilised to deliver customer service. It works through AI learning of consumers’ choices and then predicting future behaviours. Hotels benefit from this as they can pre-empt the probability of guests' needs.

You can read more on the AI development in hotels here.

Hoteliers who are using technology and gift experience vouchers to update their hotel packages are leading the market. Tourists are looking for experiences, hotels should aim to provide unique and memorable experiences for success.

If enjoyed this post on hotel packages examples and you’d like to know more about gift voucher systems, get in touch with us here.

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