How to increase sales in salon business

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Introduction- How to increase sales in salon business?

Increasing sales and revenue is always a top priority for a salon owner or manager. But with so much competition in the beauty industry, it can take time to stand out and attract new customers. 

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can implement to increase sales and grow your salon business. 

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best ways to increase sales in the salon business.  From attracting new customers to upselling strategies that can help maximise client spending. 

These tips will help you increase your revenue and achieve greater success in the beauty industry.

  1. Attracting more clients

Harnessing Social Media brand recognition

social media

Social media is integral in shaping a business's reputation in the digital age. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat effectively reach a large audience and showcase your salon's offerings. 

On your social pages, you can:

  • Share before-and-after photos of customers
  • Posting reviews
  • Maintaining a general active presence
  • Create an easy booking system via social media 
  • Create social media competitions

These strategies will boost your salon's visibility and customer reach significantly. 

With over 4.59 billion global social media users, it provides an excellent springboard for attracting and fostering customer loyalty.

Exploring unique marketing opportunities

Besides conventional advertising measures, exploring unique marketing opportunities can significantly distinguish your salon from the competition. 

You can consider exclusive product promotions or collaborations with local businesses for mutual referral programs. 

These efforts enhance visibility, attract new customers, fulfil the evolving needs of existing clientele, and guarantee their repeat patronage.

  1. Increasing Client Spending and Visit Frequency

Implementing a customer loyalty programme

A successful marketing technique rewards loyal customers with incentives to keep them returning. 

A loyalty program can shift how clients perceive transactions with your business from an inconvenience to an investment. 

Some other ideas are loyalty cards and membership services that offer a fixed number of free blow dries for a month. 

It keeps the customers engaged, adds value, and fosters a sense of commitment to your salon.

Upselling strategies to maximise client spending

Customer needs and wants in hotel edited

Upselling is a potent tool that can markedly elevate your salon's revenue. 

Here, you encourage clients to purchase additional or higher-priced services or products. However, the process should be sincere and provide genuine value to the customer. 

To make a pitch effective, it should be brief, helpful, and not come across as a typical sales tactic. You’re always suggesting the client to help with ‘their problem’. 

Consultation forms before treatment are essential. On the forms, ask, ‘What would you like to improve today?’. -For example, someone may answer that with ‘improving my dry skin condition’. 

This way, you know the client wants to fix a problem. And you can tailor your extra service upgrades or product suggestions based on this. 

With the dry skin example above, a therapist can suggest a night cream to hydrate dry skin deeply. 

With effective upselling techniques, you can significantly increase sales without incurring the costs of acquiring new customers.

  1. Diversifying Services and Products

Offering novel, niche services to attract different clientele

Offering specialised services can help your business draw in a broader range of customers. 

For example, focus on niche offerings like organic beauty treatments, men's grooming, or express services for busy individuals.

If your salon specialises in everything, it may fade into the noise of competition. Hence, effectively finding your niche and catering to its needs is a top priority. 

The right strategies and offerings for your niche clientele will help differentiate your salon. - Bringing in a unique inflow of customers.

Encouraging product sales through appealing displays

Retail displays in your salon are a silent but potent sales force. 

Clever placement can significantly impact customer perception and urge them toward purchases. Displays should ideally be near the entrance or other can't-miss locations. -Like next to mirrors, allowing customers to browse the products while waiting their turn.

There's a method to making a compelling display case: 


Colour plays a key role. For instance, red entices and encourages buying, while yellow generates excitement. Blue and green are soothing colours. Sprinkling these colours around the display can stimulate conversation, leading to sales.


Furthermore, the arrangement of products is another vital factor - neatly arranged bottles, jars, and tubes create an appealing aesthetic. Ensure the best-sellers are at eye level and consider using risers to highlight particular products.


Signage and labelling play an important role, too.  Providing a guide for the customer through your product array. 

  1. Focusing on Staff Development

The power of friendly sales competitions on performance

Healthy competition among staff can ramp up the drive and enthusiasm. Translating into better service quality and increased retail sales. 

Monthly or quarterly sales competitions can set a lively atmosphere, making work fun while fostering a sense of camaraderie. Setting personalised targets for every team member will encourage them to strive towards their goals.

Regular review meetings, performance discussions, and the sharing of success stories and new strategies foster a dynamic, performance-oriented environment. 

Offer rewards like cash bonuses, paid time offs, or even a trophy for the best salesperson. These strategies add an element of excitement. 

These reward schemes make employees feel appreciated and integral to the success of your business.

Investing in staff training and development for improved service quality

Investment in staff training and development is a powerful strategy to boost your salon's performance. Employees form the frontline for customer interaction, and their service quality directly affects customer satisfaction. 

Regular training programs ensure staff stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. Thus providing clients with cutting-edge hairstyling solutions.

A sharp, well-trained team is the keystone for a flourishing salon. Your investment in their growth will pay off through satisfied customers and improved sales figures.

  1. Sell Gift Cards using a Reliable Gift Card System

How can I increase sales in my salon?

Gift cards have proven to be a highly effective revenue driver for salons. They offer customers a convenient and personalised gifting option. 

A luxurious or pampering service is always considered a real treat when gift-giving!

This has made gift cards popular, allowing salons to boost their sales and improve customer loyalty.

Why sell gift cards in your salon? 

Gift cards are an excellent way to attract new customers to a salon. Gift card recipients often become repeat customers if they have a positive experience.

Gift cards can often go unredeemed, which is another way salons can benefit from them.

This means that the salon receives revenue for the gift card purchase but may not have to provide the service if a customer forgets to use their gift card.

Gift cards can promote salon services and packages, boosting sales and revenue.

Overall, offering gift cards is a smart strategy for any salon to increase revenue and attract new customers. Salons can tap into a lucrative revenue stream and grow their business by promoting gift cards. Advertising for gift cards through social media, email marketing, and in-store displays is easy. 

How can gift cards generate revenue for salons?

There are several ways in which gift cards can generate revenue for your salon. 

  1. Revenue

Selling gift cards at a total price provides an immediate boost to revenue. 

  1. Promote experiences or packages

Gift cards promote specific services or packages, which can help to increase sales of those offerings. 

  1. Increase customer base

Gift cards can attract new customers to the salon, who may become repeat customers. 

  1. Increased spending 

Gift cards often incentivise customers to spend more, for example, by offering a gift card with a purchase of a specific value. 

  1. Fill unpopular salon times

Finally, gift cards are a great strategy to fill spaces during quieter times. Selling gift cards by offering special discounts or promotions only available for a limited time.

Overall, gift cards are a versatile and effective tool for generating revenue in a salon. By offering gift cards as part of your marketing strategy, you can:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase sales of specific services. 
  • Encourage customers to spend more.
  • While providing a convenient and attractive gift option.

Optimising salon booking system for better revenue

In today's tech-driven world, streamlining your salon booking system can be a game-changer for your salon's revenue. 

Salons have high online booking statistics, reaching up to 60%.

You may be losing business if you don't have a 24-hour online booking system.

The benefits of online booking software extend beyond convenience. One significant feature is the reduction of no-shows. Electronic reminders sent to customers before their appointment significantly decrease the possibility of missed appointments. - Freeing up slots for other customers and maintaining your revenue flow.

Keeping track of labour costs for efficient management

An essential aspect of steering your salon towards profitability is checking labour costs. 

If the figure starts to escalate, the reasons need to be identified. It could be due to the need for staff training on retail sales or an abundance of unfilled appointment slots.

You should regularly analyse all overheads to identify and trim unnecessary spending. Always check for the best fixed-cost deals, such as energy bills and insurance. Keeping track of your expenses and running costs is crucial to getting a grip on your financial streams.

Client Feedback and Satisfaction

Collecting feedback for continuous improvement

Collecting client feedback is instrumental for continuous improvement in the salon business. Understanding what your clients desire helps you tailor your services to their expectations, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. You may conduct surveys, set up in-store comment boxes, or create surveys online to facilitate feedback collation.

Current clients can provide valuable insights when considering adding new staff or improving your salon's atmosphere. Customers may visit your salon more often if online booking is more convenient.

Your salon's website feedback page gathers valuable insights into your service quality.

Yet, soliciting feedback is only half the battle. The other half lies in legitimately responding to feedback and taking necessary action to improve deficiencies. This helps shape your salon services and makes your customers feel valued and involved in your business growth.

Conclusion- how to increase sales in salon business

Taking your salon business to the next level

Taking your salon business to the next level entails comprehensive planning, precision in execution, and consistent evaluation. Each step you take towards improving your services contributes towards business growth.

Remember, increasing sales doesn't only mean getting more clients through the door. Incorporating upselling strategies, loyalty programs, and efficiency measures is also crucial.

Strive to build a culture of unremitting improvement that includes everyone - employees, customers, and even your suppliers. Encourage feedback and make necessary adjustments. 

Invest time in understanding your market and staying updated with the latest trends and innovations. Optimising the used and available resources efficiently and effectively will be crucial.

Why use a reliable gift voucher system like Enjovia?

When you sell gift cards for your salon, it's worth investing in a reliable system rather than a paper system. This is because: 

1. Prevents Fraud and Misuse

A reliable gift card system can help prevent fraud and misuse of gift cards. With a secure system, gift cards are valid and have not been tampered with. It also lets you track their usage, making detecting suspicious activity easier.

2. Improves Customer Experience

Providing an easy and convenient way to purchase and redeem gift cards improves the customer experience. A gift card system allows online sales, drastically increasing your scope for selling gift cards and improving revenue. 

3. Increases Revenue

A gift card system can increase revenue by attracting new customers and encouraging existing customers to make additional purchases. It also allows businesses to offer promotions and discounts to customers who purchase gift cards, which can increase sales.

4. Provides Valuable Data

A reliable gift card system provides valuable data to help businesses improve their marketing efforts. It can provide insights into popular gift cards, effective promotions, and loyal customers.

5. Saves Time and Effort

Using a reliable gift card system can save time and effort for businesses. It eliminates the need for manual tracking and processing of gift cards, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. It also allows businesses to automate sending gift cards to customers, reducing the staff's workload.

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