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How to promote vouchers in-house

3 min read

In this post, we will look at how to promote vouchers in-house

Have you ever had a wonderful experience, and at that moment thought, "I've got to do this again!" Or maybe even thought, "My mum would love this!"?

If you have, think back to how you felt at those moments. Surely, if you could visualise capturing that moment again for yourself or a loved one, you'd consider taking the opportunity to do it?

This is the prime moment to promote your gift vouchers.

We don’t need to tell you that emotions are a huge factor in consumer purchases.  Positive emotions create spontaneous purchases and often lead to customers spending more than usual. As we've seen time and time again, marketers will target an emotional response, rather than their product features. (Think Christmas ads)

To maximise gift voucher sales, it is critical to have visual reminders in place in these special moments.


Why should you promote vouchers in-house?

A healthy chunk of your customers prefer to buy gift vouchers in-house rather than online. Typically, with our clients we see 10-20% of sales come from in-house purchases.

A recent survey showed that:  74 percent of Baby Boomers prefer to shop in-store! 

This statistic matters because baby boomers make the most birthday and thank you gift purchases. To maximise those sales all year long don't miss out on the opportunities to sell more gift vouchers 'out of season'!

How to promote vouchers in-house

1. Staff upselling

Grab that opportunity! When guests are thanking or complimenting you for a great experience, seize the moment with a casual mention on your availability of gift vouchers. People often respond well to information provided - especially if they truly loved your service! They will appreciate the reminder that a gift voucher is available, rather than see it as pushy sales. Many of our clients incentivise front of house staff for gift voucher sales in peak periods.

This is key to presenting the information at the best emotional time. When consumers are happy and satisfied with a purchase, the price feels justified and worthwhile.

 2. Strategic Placement

Strategic placement of your marketing material for gift vouchers will go a long way. Think about locations that will grab guests’ attention at the right time. Areas that always work are:

Check-out desks

Spa, golf, retail desks



Waiting areas

Bill folders  

Sliding a leaflet into a bill folder is a great way to give visibility to your gift vouchers. Especially when guests have had a positive experience.


3. Marketing tools used

Marketing material can take many forms which can vary in price too!

TV Screens and promotional videos

Putting the promotional material on TV screens is a slick and polished way to advertise. The best part is you can have the promotions in the form of a smooth, rolling video- with complimentary music for full effect!

External Advertising Board

The best thing about a large outdoor graphics board is it catches people's attention when driving past! - A great way to reach a broad audience! The downside is that it can be expensive based on size and location. Especially for the initial set up cost.


Leaflets are ideal as they are cheap, and guests can take them home.

Tabletop standing material 

These looks neater than leaflets, and they are a better visual as they stand upright they are more likely to catch your eye!

Tall marketing stands, frames, posters

Looks great in hallways or lobby area. These stands give a more polished and sleek look for posters and leaflets.

Roller banners

A portable and temporary item to promote specific events such as Christmas or Black Friday. Roller banners are great for catching attention.



There you have it! A simple guide to the benefits of an in-house promotion of gift vouchers. For more information on how you can improve marketing for your gift vouchers contact us here.

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