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Please note: Enjovia is not a gift card exchange, we help businesses to sell their services as gift cards online. We cannot buy or resell your gift cards.

Here at Enjovia, we are thrilled to announce the acquisition of We loved the work being done by the team behind, and we are excited to introduce their readers to our content and services. 

Gift cards are often taken for granted by consumers. If you own a business, you’re likely wondering, is setting up a gift card service really worth it? And, what exactly will my business get from it? 

Well, we are here to tell you that gift cards and vouchers are an invaluable tool for many different types of businesses! They can significantly increase your revenue, widen your client base, and help with promotional strategies.

Don’t believe us? Well, you don’t have to take our word. To learn more about why gift cards are good for business, and to understand our unique complete gift voucher system, take a look at the information below. 

Why Gift Cards Are Good for Business 

Whether you’re a small business owner just starting to explore your potential or you have a thriving company with several branches and a desire to continue expanding, using a gift carding system will help you along the way. 

In fact, here at Enjovia, we are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Our Gift Voucher Card Management & Processing System Software aims to streamline your processes and help to increase your business's revenue. 

It works to do so by providing you with a range of innovative and high-quality features. For instance, with our system, you can get personalized customer messages, advanced promotional tools, google analytics integration - and much more! 

If you’re sceptical about the ways in which gift card systems can transform your business, we don’t blame you! To learn more about how it works, and what gift cards can do for your business, take a look at the information below. 


First, let’s discuss restaurants. If you own a restaurant business and you don’t offer a voucher or gift card system, you are seriously missing out! You can easily make more restaurant profit using vouchers

In fact, vouchers are arguably the most profitable thing you can sell in a restaurant. This might sound a bit crazy, but we believe it to be completely true! At a time when the hospitality industry is struggling, gift vouchers can be a saving grace. 

Here at Enjovia, we have an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the restaurant industry and consumer spending habits. The past few years have been tough and many giants in the industry have crumbled - Jamie’s Italian, Zizi's, Carluccio's, just to name a few.

Consumer spending habits within this industry have also changed. Most people are currently experiencing a burdening sense of financial insecurity, which, in turn, means many are grasping those purse strings far tighter than they may have done in the past. 

As such, your average customer isn’t going to give up their money just for a nice plate of food. Why would they if they can save a good proportion of their hard-earned cash and cook at home instead?

However, trends suggest that customers are more willing to splash the cash for a unique experience. In the current climate, going out is an occasion. Consumers want this occasion to be as memorable and perfect as possible - from the food to the decor to the service. 

If you want to get more customers through the door of your restaurant, why not start selling experiences using vouchers? You could sell a number of different vouchers, each offering a unique dining experience or promotion at your venue. 

The statistics to back this method are very promising. For instance, 10 to 15% of vouchers never get redeemed, which means that you get to pocket all of the revenue! Additionally, 72.1% of customers tend to spend more than the value of the voucher when they use it. 

In fact, there is a huge range of benefits associated with e-commerce within the hospitality industry. You gain access to a much wider audience, achieve more visibility, have access to a range of low-cost promotional tools, and much more! 

Interested yet? Well, here at Enjovia we aim to make introducing gift cards at your restaurant a breeze. We have a dedicated restaurant gift card software system that works to enhance your customers’ experiences, and thus, your profits! 

Activity and Leisure Businesses 

Activity and leisure businesses can profit from the use of gift cards in a similar way to restaurants. In fact, the experience economy arguably applies more so to the activity and leisure industry. 

The notion ‘experience economy’ was coined 20 years ago by Pine and Gilmore to describe what they predicted to be the future trend in consumer spending. And, it has become rather relevant in recent years. 

They predicted that consumers would become more interested in spending their money on unique experiences rather than material products. This prediction is quickly coming true for a range of reasons. 

Thanks to social media, there is an ever-growing pressure to gain more clout online. One great way of doing so is being photographed in beautiful places, posting images of yourself engaging in unique activities, and generally showing everyone all of the fun things you do.

Although, it isn’t all about popularity. Experiences are known to make us happier than material items. They provide a way to learn new things with your close family and friends, and to make wonderful memories whilst doing so. 

Whilst this push toward an ‘experience economy’ can mean good things for restaurants that invest in a gift card system, it is excellent news for all activity businesses - even small ones! Providing all of your services in the form of gift cards opens many doors for your business. 

By doing so, you are allowing your customers to gift wonderful experiences for their friends and family’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. This will not only make things easy for your customers, but it will also likely increase your revenue. 

Using gift vouchers also works to introduce people to your business. In fact, Enjovia has found that up to 60% of customers say they have been introduced to a business via a gift card or voucher. This increased brand awareness can only be considered a positive thing! 

If you’re totally sold, take a look at our gift card system for activity and leisure businesses. Our service is certain to streamline and boost your business, regardless of how small or large it may be.

Spas and Salons 

If you are a part of a spa or salon business that doesn’t provide customers with the option of purchasing a gift card - you are missing a trick. For such businesses, gift cards work to significantly increase revenue and broaden your customer base. 

There are a number of gift voucher strategies that work wonderfully for spas and salons. For instance, you should design your gift vouchers so that they speak directly to your specific audience. Are your clients primarily fitness-obsessed or looking for an ultra-relaxing break? 

Designing a gift voucher that really appeals to your audience will work to increase your sales. In addition to the visual design of the gift card, you can utilize language to draw in your customers too. 

For example, if you’re offering an experience ideal for your older clients, you should aim to use words like ‘rejuvenate’ and ‘refresh’. If your target audience is health enthusiasts, use words such as ‘organic’, ‘raw’, ‘vigorous’, ‘fresh’, and ‘natural’. 

You can even design gift cards to bring in new customers. For instance, at the end of the school year, why not create a voucher specifically for teachers looking to rewind after a long year? This makes a great gift for teachers, and opens up new client possibilities for you!

Additionally, when it comes to special occasions and holidays, gift cards can really aid to increase attention and revenue for spas and salons. From valentines day (or Galentine's day) promotions to all-in-one Christmas glam treatments, the possibilities are endless! 

For example, take a look at this incredible Valentine's Day Experience at Park Plaza Cardiff. The wonderful people behind the Park Plaza have utilized gift cards to offer a huge range of unique and incredibly tempting valentines day experiences! 

Now, it is impossible to ignore that one of the trickiest aspects of running a spa or salon business is the labor costs. As you’re probably aware, the labor costs of treatment can often exceed 50% of the price of the treatment. 

However, gift cards can help you overcome this problem. For instance, if someone purchases a gift card for a facial treatment, your staff could suggest that they add on an Indian head massage treatment so they can feel relaxed as the facial treatment settles.

Our Spa and Salon Gift Voucher Software System enables you to easily add on treatments to your customer's vouchers and packages. It also allows you to sell gift vouchers in-store and online, which should open up many possibilities for your business. 


Finally, if you’re in the hotel business and you’re wondering how to increase your hotel revenue, Enjovia’s gift voucher system for hotels has got you covered. Enjovia has many customers within the hotel industry who are thriving thanks to our products. 

Hotel gift vouchers allow you to provide your customers with one-off, unique, and special experiences. Creating memorable moments for each of your guests is paramount to a thriving hotel business. 

However, being able to partake in the experience economy isn’t the only benefit of using a gift card service like ours. These days, in the hotel industry, to be successful you need to provide a range of practical services. 

For instance, technology is becoming an increasingly important part of any hotel stay. It is important that your guests feel as though all of your online services and processes are clear and user-friendly - regardless of what their preferred language is! 

That’s why Enjovia provides hotel customers with multi-language support. This means that your customer can purchase a voucher in a language of their choice! We also make it super easy to purchase add-ons and for you to upgrade your customers’ packages. 

Additionally, one strategy to increase hotel revenue is to form tight relationships with other corporations - and gift cards are a perfect way of doing just that! With our system, you get access to the bulk voucher creation feature that makes this process incredibly simple.  

Finally, we think it is worth mentioning that, in terms of marketing, gift vouchers can be a godsend for hotels. E-commerce in general provides business owners with low-cost promotional opportunities. 

As a hotel business owner, it is 100% necessary that you are using social media to the fullest extent. Using social media, you can promote unique experiences and special promotions for your followers in the form of easy-to-purchase gift cards. 

If you’re still sceptical about how a gift card service can help your business, then you need to take a look at a few wonderful success stories. Take a look here to be blown away by the Celtic Manor’s success following implementing a gift card system! 


Here at Enjovia, we are thrilled to have acquired We hope that our services and content encourage you to put yourself out there and help you to increase your businesses’ revenue. Gift cards really can make a huge difference! 

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