Spa Voucher Strategies

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Are you looking to introduce spa voucher strategies to increase your revenue with spa vouchers?

There are many spa voucher strategies that not only entice new customers but to get your customers returning time and time again.

Let’s take a deep dive into the spa voucher strategies you can implement today:

1. Speak to your audience

Use packages that appeal to your spa clientele’s desires:

Creating your customer profiles is one of the first steps to a successful spa marketing strategy.

When you do this effectively, you may find that there are multiple personas of customers that you want to attract to your spa.

Could this be the health and fitness crowd? The ladies of leisure? Or even your everyday mum who needs a pampering treat for a pick me up?

Once you’ve created your buyers’ personas and figured out their interests, you can create spa voucher packages to cater to their needs.

Use clever wording:

Each of your persona groups will be drawn to your spa vouchers through your messaging. When describing your vouchers make sure you use persuasive and descriptive writing that enables your customers to vividly imagine their experience with you. - Especially, if it’s meeting their desires.

For example:

A spa voucher for older clientele will be drawn to experiences that rejuvenate, refresh, renew and reinvigorate the mind and body. This is because these adjectives all promote youthfulness. - Something that mature audiences typically want to feel and look.

A spa voucher for the health and fitness seekers may prefer vouchers described as healthy, vigorous, fresh, organic, raw, and natural.

Think about your audiences wants and needs, then create experiences around them. It’s a very simple but smart voucher strategy to attract people buying your spa voucher gift for either themselves or someone else.

2. Identify your customers in your voucher promotions

Do you remember the Coke advertising campaign with the names on bottles? That campaign went viral. People were sharing their pictures with bottles all over social media. They were going out looking to purchase bottles of Coke with their names on. It was such a clever marketing campaign!

Before you think we are suggesting you sell vouchers with names, we aren’t. But we are suggesting you take the same concept.

People like to feel included and special. So personalising your marketing is the way forward. We propose that you create vouchers around peoples identities.

For example:

How about a spa day for teachers? At the end of each year, many parents out there like to buy their children’s teacher a gift. Here’s where you make the decision easy for them.

In this example, create a spa voucher that is specifically for teachers. Include a message to say ‘you deserve a break’, ‘thanks for being the best teacher’ etc. you get the picture.

The parents can select a luxury gift online that delivers on the exact message they want to convey. It sure would knock the teacher’s socks off too! So at the end of each year before the summer holiday begins you can ramp up this voucher promotion.

But it doesn’t just stop with teachers. You could do this with many types of groups. Put your thinking caps using this strategy to maximise sales.

3. Create vouchers around events

If you look online at sites like Etsy you’ll see people being creative using events going on in the world to their advantage. I was recently looking for a birthday hamper for a friend and came across a ‘Stay at home’ hamper in response to the Coronavirus lockdown.

You can create similar packages in your voucher strategies by directly speaking to your audience.

You could create a specific spa day for bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthday’s and so on.

People searching your website can be easily convinced to buy a voucher if it speaks directly to what they’re looking for. This could be something as simple as a voucher named ‘the anniversary experience for two’. -A great idea when it comes to people looking to buy spa day gifts.

Or controversially, you could even have a spa day with kids.

Link your spa voucher to a specific dated event where the whole spa is catered to parents wanting to treat their children to a spa day. The plus side, not many spas would be open to this offering which does leave very little competition in the market if you were willing to try new strategies. Spa day for kids gets over 1000 Google searches per month, so there is a desire out there if you were so bold to try it.

Try this strategy with similar ideas!

4. Extend the time spent at your spa

It’s likely that if you’re selling vouchers for your spa, you’re already creating packages with lunch.

Each month there are over 2,400 Google searches for a spa day for 2 with treatments and lunch. (Searched via Ubersuggest)

But this is where you can get creative.

Most packages you can buy offer the same thing, so you can create themed spa experiences with afternoon tea, lunch or dinner options.

How about Moroccan themed treatments with Moroccan style lunch? Or have an evening spa experience with a twilight dinner to catch the after-work crowd.

5. Combine spa vouchers with additional facilities

A great way to offer more with your spa vouchers is to create an experience like no other.

By thinking about your audience you can cater experience packages that suit their needs and interests.

For the health and fitness groups maybe you could combine detoxing body treatments with a fitness camp with a trainer from the health and fitness suite?

If your spa is part of a hotel, create overnight stay packages.

6. Allow personalisation to voucher packages with add-ons

Personalisation is a big aspect of gift-giving now. People like to give and receive gifts that reflect on their personal interests. The Coke example above is a perfect reflection of this.

So having a system where you can allow your vouchers to be altered and tweaked to suit the customer is a must-have feature for great customer experience.

Our voucher system here at enjovia allows personalisation with a feature we call ‘add-ons’.

For example, if someone is buying a spa day voucher for their wife,  you can offer the ‘add-on’ items to personalise the experience. Options of the add on items could be chocolate-dipped strawberries with champagne or even a personalised birthday cake.

7. Mix spa packages with local events

Is your spa close to other local amenities?

Partner up and create packages that mix your spa day with their experiences. One of our clients mixes a local fishing experience with their hotel overnight stay.

As an example, maybe you can mix a local wine tasting session followed by a day of relaxing treatments.

Chat to local businesses to you to explore options.

8. Include a parting gift

Offering a take-home spa goodie bag with one of your experiences is a great way to get people interested in purchasing a voucher.

There are multiple pro’s to this method too.

  1. They not only have a luxurious and relaxing spa day, but the experience gets to go home with them too. Include mini products or your spa-branded items, and people will get sharing their photos on social media and perhaps later by the bigger version of the product!
  1. If you had a luxurious item exclusive to the goodie bag, some people will feel the desire to purchase the voucher to collect the item. You could include a luxurious dressing gown or even lavish branded slippers. If you created separate bags for different voucher experiences it could motivate people to buy and try all the different vouchers over time.

Give it a go, introduce these spa voucher strategies today!

Whether you’ve just introduced selling spa vouchers, or have been at it a while, by implementing any of these spa voucher strategies you will attract more people to your luxury retreat and keep them returning.

If you want more information on setting up a gift voucher store please get in touch! Contact us here. 

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