Spa blog ideas to increase website visitors

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Are you looking at ways to bring in more traffic to your spa website but are stuck for spa blog ideas? 

In this post, we will give you lots of ideas on spa blog topics to generate traffic to your blog at no cost!

The world of digital marketing may be completely alien to you. But your passion and knowledge in the health and beauty world is your key to success.

Importance of a blog for your salon or spa

To be competitive in this day and age you must have a strong online presence- beginning with your website.

Many successful spas and salons all share their news, expertise and entertain with their audience via a blog.

Online presence and image

First of all, maintaining an up to date online presence is vital to keeping up with the competition.

Your potential customers will not only judge your online activity, but they will compare it to your competition. The website with the most persuasive and active online presence will sway votes in their favour.

Your online activity will tell your audience a story about your brand and image.

Appear at the top of Google search results

Your blog is where you can provide your customers and followers with a place to engage and be educated in your expertise! But more importantly, your blog is where you will be able to use SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website over competition.

The most important factor in getting high rankings on Google is to use keywords effectively, through a marketing strategy called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Become industry experts

People will follow someone who knows what they are talking about. Your spa blog will be recommended and gain a reputation for having knowledge in the health and beauty industry.

People will pay more or be willing to travel further for better results. And better results often come with industry experts.

You need a platform to share your expertise and professional knowledge and what better way to do this than through your online presence?

How to create a spa blog ideas that your audience will want to read? 

Step 1:  Create your buyer persona.

The most important thing when deciding to start a blog for your spa is to decide on your target audience or your ‘buyer persona’. Each time you create a piece of marketing content, create it with your buyer persona in mind.

Step 2: Create content dedicated to your buyer persona.

Does your audience want educational content? Entertaining?  Informative?

An easy way to determine this is to look at your niche.

For a wellness spa revolving around holistic treatments and relaxation, your buyer persona is likely to be someone who looks after their health and well-being.

Or if you're a cosmetic spa or salon, your clientele may be more interested in ways they can maintain a youthful complexion.

Step 3: Apply SEO techniques to your content to yield the best traffic results

The key to using SEO techniques is to write about topics that include keywords your audience is searching.

We ran a quick check on the topic ‘reduce wrinkles’ for the purpose of this blog post, and we can see the most common questions asked by people around reducing wrinkles.

screenshot of SEMRush keyword research

This is a great way to write topics that match the exact phrases your audience are looking for. It also shows the volume of searches per month. So the keyword phrase ‘how to reduce wrinkles’ is searched for 260 times a month.

By plugging as many of these related keywords as throughout your post, you’ll improve your SEO score and people will likely click on your content for answers on their problems.

Over time, your audience will learn to view you as an expert and naturally turn to your services in the future.

Try out Keywords Everywhere, SEM Rush or even Answer the Public for some tools to find related keyword questions to your blog topics.

Spa blog ideas to increase website visitors - Try these topics!

spa blog ideas

Remember to write content that is either educational, entertaining or informational.

Here’s a quick list to give you ideas, combined with the application of the above steps.

  • Pro’s and con’s of certain treatments
  • 'How-To' tutorials  or beauty tips for your audience at home
  • Treatment benefits
  • Latest spa news or beauty trends
  • Special events in your spa or upcoming changes
  • New treatments coming to your spa
  • Introduce a ‘Get to know’ feature of your team
  • Spa product reviews
  • Customer success stories- this is especially important for recommendations! Tell the story of how you’ve helped an individual on their personal journey. Readers will relate or even feel inspired to try for themselves.

 Include a CTA

A CTA (click through action) is usually at the end of a blog post or where you see applicable. But you want to lead your audience to another area on your website.

'Book here’, 'subscribe to our blog', or even a link to another blog post are some examples.

Marketing opportunities 

For more content marketing ideas on how you can use marketing strategies to promote your spa check out our post on Spa marketing strategies and promotions where we talk about social media pages, email campaigns and enlisting more potential clients.

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