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Tips to promote your Christmas gift vouchers

3 min read

HO, HO, HO Hoteliers, learn here how you can promote your Christmas gift vouchers!

We are fast approaching the festive run-up to Christmas where we see sales of gift vouchers skyrocket.

We’re here to help you make the most out your Christmas gift voucher sales with these 3 simple tips….

Tip 1: Market to the largest buyers

christmas voucher

Ensure you are marketing your Christmas gift vouchers to the right kind of buyer.

Think about what kind of gifts would appeal to them and how you would use wording and aesthetics to speak directly to your targeted customer. Gift vouchers make the best gifts when you’re not quite sure what to get someone. This can be reflected in your marketing message i.e. “Don’t know what to get her this Christmas? How about a day of escape and relaxation at our luxurious spa”.

Did you know?

Recent research shows that consumers from Generation X purchase the most online gift voucher at Christmas time. Generation X is generally people between the ages of 35-54.

Tip 2: Make exclusive gifts just for Christmas

Make your gift voucher experiences time exclusive so your guests perceive they are getting some special seasonal value.

We all like to feel treated and special at Christmas. Unfortunately for most of us this means a lot of washing up, family and last-minute shopping sprees. A quick break, meal or spa day away can help your guests feel special at this festive time of year.

Think big, luxurious and unique!  A gift that offers exclusive experiences will attract a lot of attention during the holiday season. Guests are prepared to spend that little bit extra on treating themselves and their loved ones.

For example use language like:

“Luxury Christmas Overnight Stay with an inviting glass of bubbly on arrival in our exclusive VIP lounge”

Tip 3:  Timing is key

Ensure your Christmas gift vouchers are brought to the attention of your guests frequently in the run-up to the holidays. Reminders help persuade your guests purchasing decisions when they start thinking about that perfect Christmas gift to buy.

Do this by actively promoting Christmas gift vouchers at least twice a month from October to December ready for that home stretch.

Many Christmas gift vouchers are purchased at the very last moment.

“Oh no I forgot about Aunty Sally!” – (As your opening the present she left you at mum’s house).

Take advantage of this by sending an exclusive Christmas gift voucher email campaign on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

To find out how to better market your Christmas gift vouchers, contact us at for more information.

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