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In this blog post, we go over the reason why you should be selling unique gift cards.

What makes a unique gift card? And how you can implement this into your business? By mastering the process of generating unique gift cards, you will generate more income, and customers and lay the foundation for a long-term gift voucher strategy.

The challenge

“When you cross your comfort zone, fear zone, learning zone and growth zone, you will enter into the zone of leadership.”

― Amit Ray, Mindfulness Meditation for Corporate Leadership and Management

When you step out of your comfort zone you open your mind to new ideas. By entering the leadership zone you’ll be leading your competition.

By successfully utilising a gift card system and pushing the boundaries of what they can do, you can begin to attract more customers to your business. In turn, boosting your revenue and becoming the thought leader for gift cards in your industry.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail…

Why use gift cards?

There are many reasons why companies start selling gift cards. Before we look into the importance of unique gift cards, we need to understand the basic benefits of using the gift card revenue model.

1.   Increase Revenue:

Ultimately gift cards increase your revenue stream.

Buy now reap the rewards later model

Businesses selling gift cards get immediate revenue from the point of sale. Realistically, many of these gift cards won’t ever get cashed in. This means all the revenue from the gift card is kept without the service cost or goof being spent.

Additional spending

When a customer is using a gift card to make a purchase, they are likely to make additional spending, therefore increasing the sales of the company.

Increase purchasing options

Lastly, gift cards are an excellent marketing tool because they provide the company with more exposure by being on display in stores and on websites that sell gift cards. Making them an easy and low-cost way to increase sales.

2.   Increase customer base

Encourage customer loyalty

Companies can offer gift cards as incentives for customers to buy more products or services. This can be a great way to increase customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Attract new customers

People who are shopping for gifts are preferring to purchase unique experiences that their loved ones can hold onto memories from. It’s also important to people to spend quality time with their loved ones. So buying an experience is always a great gift as they can kill two birds with one stone.

The solution

Selling gift cards is one thing, but to sell unique and desirable gift cards is a whole new ball game. Standing out from your competition is important and here’s how you can do it…

The importance of unique gift cards for your business

Many companies are selling gift cards; it would be rare for a company to not sell them. So you need to ensure your gift cards stand out from the crowd!

To do this you need to make them unique.

What is uniqueness?

Uniqueness is the quality of being the only one of its kind.

Uniqueness in marketing

So to create a unique gift card it's important you figure out your gift card USP.

Your unique selling point must make your gift card better than the competition.

How to make your gift cards unique?

There are two ways to make your gift cards unique.

1. To create a unique experience; and

2. Create a unique message. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Think of a unique experience

There are multiple ways to create a unique gift card experience.

1.    Create packages by combining experiences

You can very easily create unique experiences by combining your different services. Do you have an up-and-coming event at your business? Create a unique package around it.

E.g. Combine chefs cooking demonstration evening at your hotel restaurant with a luxury one-night stay for two people.

how to sell restaurant gift cards

2.    Work with your community and other businesses

Unique experiences can also be created when working with your local community.

E.g. Why not combine a luxury spa day with a day at the races?

Or tickets to a local show with a 3-course dinner with champagne at your 5* restaurant.

3.    Create gift card add-ons for personalisation

You can also allow your customers to create their own personal unique gift cards. Using the Enjovia gift card system allows you to create any gift card with a special ‘add-on’ feature. You can put any combination of appropriate add-ons to a gift card.

E.g. For a golf day package gift card, you can have the option for your customers to add a variety of drinks to their package, a boot cleaning service, or even dinner.

Think of a unique message

You don’t always have to focus on creating new and different experiences either. With clever marketing, you can create a message that is unique to get customers to buy into what you’re selling.

Let’s look at this in detail…

1.    Know the problems of your customers and provide the solution.

What are the wants, needs and desires of your customers?

When you know this you can easily create gift card packages with solutions to these problems.

To do this you need to develop your customer persona. This is where you must identify their paint points, anxieties, motivations and desires.

Where desires and anxieties lie is your opportunity to create an emotional connection.

2.      Create an emotional connection

If you can create an emotional connection with your customers you will win them over!

So how can you create an emotional connection with your marketing?

You need to tap into the subconscious mind of your customer. This is where 95% of purchasing decisions take place.

You can create emotional connections by introducing the following into your marketing strategies:

  • Tell authentic stories that people can relate to
  • Nurture a relationship through your words, visual branding and packaging. Use emotive words, images and storytelling.
  • Use real customer stories and experiences.


Heal your mind, body and soul with the full body restorative spa day. The package includes a nutritious 3-course lunch, full use of the spa replenishing facilities and a salt pool to revive and energise tired skin, and muscles and improves well-being.


We hope this post on unique gift cards has inspired you to get your thinking cap on and think of your own unique gift cards.

By offering a unique range of gift cards you will begin to see your gift card campaigns gaining interest and driving more sales for your business.

For more information on selling gift cards for your business take a look at our gift card system here.

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