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Are you looking for a white label voucher site?

This blog post will go over the benefits of using a white label voucher site to promote and sell your gift vouchers.

You may be considering doing it yourself when it comes to selling gift vouchers on your website.

After all, you’ll be in charge of the customization, pick your tools and do things your way.

But is this the best for your business?

There are many pitfalls involved when building your voucher website. It can lead to you being late to market as you learn to code and create your site. You may spend too much money developing the tools and solutions that already exist. You can lack the right amount of expertise in specific areas as you try to do it all yourself.

Why use a white label voucher site?

Opting for a white label gift voucher site saves you all the hassle of building one yourself while maintaining your branding and image.

What is a white label voucher site?

A white label voucher site is where a reseller can use their branding, identity and logo on products and services manufactured and serviced through an experienced third party. Allowing resellers to customize their product branding and enable their customers to associate the product as their own.

White labelling enables you to offer gift vouchers to your customers without them ever knowing where the vouchers are coming from. This is an attractive option for companies who want to sell gift vouchers, but don’t want to deal with the running’s and hosting of a gift voucher store on their server.

To the customers buying the vouchers, they would generally have no idea that the vouchers are sold via a third party. It would appear that the end product is produced by the brand they are buying from.

Benefits of a white label voucher site

1.   Immediate start

Using a white label voucher site allows companies to get on with selling their gift vouchers right away.

They provide the convenience of generating both printable and digital vouchers at low costs without any effort.

2.   Save costs

Using a white label voucher site allows you to save costs on research and development, server costs, manufacturing costs, service costs and more.

The design, building and testing of a new site take a long time and a high amount of resources. You’ll save a considerable amount of time and money deciding not to develop your site from scratch.

3.   Quickly add new features

The white labelling voucher sites are experts in their field. A good white label voucher site will consistently be improving its services by adding features and updates as the market changes.

4.   Frees your time to focus on marketing and sales

Without needing to worry about the running of your voucher site, you can dedicate this time saved to essential promotional work to increase sales. Perfect building your brand and selling your services.

Where can I get a white label voucher site?

Here at Enjovia, we specialise in proving a white label voucher site to increase your sales and conversions on your gift vouchers.

Our gift voucher management system is designed around increasing your gift card sales.

With an immediate voucher ready website to slot your branding into, you’ll also have a simple, feature-rich site that will increase your gift voucher sales.

How does enjovia increase gift voucher sales?

The difference between our system and other white label voucher sites is that we are a technology company first and foremost.

Our system is completely designed around our customers.

A few years ago we went through a vigorous reinvention of our system. We spoke to our customers and asked them what THEY needed, instead of what we wanted. They told us and we listened.

That’s why we created our fully white-label system Enjovia 2.0.

Our system is designed around you having full control.

You get to customise your branding, web address, voucher design, promo codes, add-ons and more.

You’ll see your sales increase with our additional features that have been tried and tested with all our existing customers.

These include:

  • Promotional grouping for events on specific vouchers
  • Creating product add-ons with vouchers to increase revenue and promote flexibility with guest customization.
  • Apply promotions and discounts
  • Fast staff voucher tracking and redemption
  • Full voucher statistics and analytics, perfect for planning voucher campaigns.


How much is enjovia?

Our store is completely free to create.

How easy is Enjovia to get started?

Our gift voucher solutions make it incredibly fast to get started.

You can create a store in minutes while uploading your customised vouchers, logo and branding to make your store(s) unique to you or your customers.

Then sit back and enjoy selling your gift vouchers immediately. It’s as simple as it sounds.

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