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How to sell gift certificates online

3 min read

Are you a brick-and-mortar business wondering how to sell gift certificates online?

Expanding into the digital gift certificate market is a no brainer. Especially considering the huge support it has offered to the hospitality business feeling the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown crisis.

Businesses that have switched to using online gift certificates during the pandemic have successfully supplemented their cash flows and provided their communities with a way to support them during the harsh realities of the lockdown.

How to sell gift certificates online? - Where to start?

Beginning a digital gift certificate store is simple with Enjovia. In just a few easy steps you can create an online store set up with all your best selling items.

How does an online gift certificate store work?

Operating an online gift card store is simple.

Step 1: Make your store accessible

All you need to do is make your store URL accessible for your customers.

This can be added to your existing website easily. We recommend adding it to your homepage for easy recognition and a simple user experience.

We love how many of our customers have put their gift certificate store as a main focus header on their homepage.

While it seems simple, this is very clever marketing by the hotel, as new customers who land on their page are instantly notified about their online gift certificates, and existing customers are reminded of new gift certificate offers and promotions each time they visit the website.

Step 2: Make gift certificate purchasing simple

The success of our gift certificate platform is through its simplicity. Our gift certificate store isn’t bloated with unnecessary steps that potentially put off customers.

We have designed our gift voucher store to be as few steps to payment as simple as possible. Making purchasing a convenient and pleasant experience for your customers.

Step 3: Delivery of gift certificates

You can then choose to have your store sell e- gift certificates only (through email), or a combination of e-receipt, postal and collection.

Step 4: Tracking and redemption of gift certificates

All gift certificates sold through your store are given a unique identification code that can be tracked and redeemed in a  few easy clicks. This makes using the gift certificate easy for customers in store, plus it also allows your staff to check the validity and redeem the gift certificates in a few short seconds- which is essential to keeping down queuing times and ensuring fast service.

This is the process of selling and managing your gift certificates in a simplified way. But if you’re looking for more features to support your online gift certificates sales then read on…

Adding new products and experiences to your store

Adding a catalogue of new products is easy.

We have set up an easy to use interface on the back-of-house store to make adding new products simple in a few short clicks.

All you need to do is fill out our gift certificate creation template with a title, image, description, Ts&Cs, price and any other essential information needing to accommodate each gift certificate.

We’ve even made each online gift certificate design customizable, so you can decide only our website font, colour, design, text and images.

Once your gift certificate catalogues are added you can then move onto some more back-of-house features.

Create User Permissions for teams at different user levels.

You don’t want all of your front of house staff benign able to make edits to your online store and the available store products.

Instead, you can choose a multi-tiered system where user profiles can be assigned different accessibility to your gift store features.

So maybe only a select few members of your team have permissions to add or delete gift certificate products, promotions and analytics. Whereas your front-of-house team only need permissions to check and redeem gift certificates.

how to sell gift certificates online

Create product promotions for big events in the year.

Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Birthdays the list goes on! There are so many events throughout the year you can take advantage of to promote your gift certificates for more sales!

Our gift certificate system allows you to easily add gift certificate promotions and discounts to certain catalogues or individual products to make selling during these events as easy and luring as possible.

Set up a percentage discount, group discount, Buy- One- Get- One- Free promotions and many more!

Enable product personalisation

The new trending purchase preference is personalisation.

Consumers are all about giving personalised gifts and ensuring they are extra special. We offer this in our store for customers to be able to customize their own experiences within your product permissions.

At the back system, managers can create product add-ons to enable shoppers to create unique gifts. You can choose to add on a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolate dipped strawberries, flowers and so much more!

Not sure what products or services to sell as gift certificates?

Here comes the fun bit!

You can choose any product or service in your business to sell as a product or experience in your gift certificate store.

For example, is your business a gift store that sells gift baskets? Create a hamper, list all your favourite products to go in and sell this as a gift certificate on your online store.

Or you can even sell your services as gift experiences!

Gift experiences are fast becoming a preferred option for selling online gift certificates. This is because you can receive immediate cash flow upon the sale of a gift certificate, and maybe not need to service the gift certificate for a year (or however long the recipient holds onto it). Often you’ll find that you may never need to service the gift experience either as people receiving the gift may forget about it and it will expire. This is because the gift certificate can only remain valid for a short period of time.

Wrapping it up

We hope that from this post you're able to sell gift certificates online with ease.

Remember, your customers are looking for ways to get more from their favourite business. Especially if this means they can shop online at their own convenience and support your business at the same time.

If the Enjovia gift certificate system we’ve talked about in this post sounds like it could suit your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Create a store today for free with Enjovia.

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