Sell MORE with your Valentines Day gift vouchers

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In this post, we will demonstrate how you can increase sales with your Valentines Day gift vouchers.

Valentine’s Day is one of the major gift-giving events of the year with more than 1 Billion being spent on loved ones in just the UK alone. In the US, a whopping $27 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day gifts!

What we found most interesting about the recent study taken by MuchNeeded was that 'gift experiences' are wanted by a huge 40% of people!

It's clear that experiences are more and more desirable to consumers. So don't get left in the lurch. If you haven't yet set up a gift voucher store then you need to do so fast!

Valentine's Day campaign ideas

No doubt you’ll be selling gift vouchers for this special occasion, so here are 5 simple steps you can maximise your revenue and sell more gift vouchers this Valentine's Day.

 1. Create Bespoke Valentines Day Gift Voucher Packages

Valentine’s Day is where loving gestures is the name of the game. It’s important that you provide bespoke and unique gift voucher experiences to create a feeling of exclusivity for a special experience.

Here’s the fun bit! Whatever your industry, you can easily create unique gift experiences by simply adding extra items as part of a voucher package.

For example, a spa can add chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne to a treatment. A hotel can include rose petals on the bed and complimentary chocolates in the room. A restaurant can include a free bottle of wine with Dinner.

Whatever you choose to put together, just make sure it’s unique and exclusive for Valentine’s Day.

It may be worth working together with local attractions, vineyards, restaurants or experiences to widen your offering. It will show that you can provide the very best service to your customers and that you are aware that there are some things you just can’t or don’t do, however, that won’t detract from their great day!

 2. Who’s the voucher for?

Valentine’s day can be a bittersweet day for some. Particularly for singles, romance is everywhere in sight. That’s why you can use some clever marketing at this time and create packages not just for couples but single people too.

1 in 4 people buy Valentine's day gift for their pets! 

valentine's day gift vouchers

Without any presents to buy, singles will have more disposable income. You'll be missing a trick by not including everyone in this Valentine's promotion.

Some ideas to target singles for Valentine’s Day:

  • Create a 2 for 1 deal on an experience to use with a friend
  • Provide a “Show someone you care” experience.
  • Or even as a “Show some love to yourself”

Now let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is primarily for people in Love. That could be for the beginning of something special, or even that reminder for couples that have been married for years. It’s important to create packages that reflect the different stages of people’s relationships and that all-important gesture of love.

3. Images and Wording for your Valentines day gift vouchers

Use high quality and original images for your Valentine’s Day Vouchers. The best kind of images is of people immersed in the experience. This way people can imagine themselves (or their intended) using the voucher. Check out our post on how images are best used for Marketing here.

Use clever wording to capture your buyer’s attention. Think about words that evoke a feeling, or something they can relate to. Think about the different kinds of people buying your experiences.

For the buyer that has no idea:

 “Haven’t planned Valentine’s Day?… Let us help!”

For the buyer who knows what they want:

“Make Valentine’s Day gift truly special…”

“Make her feel special this Valentine’s Day…”


For the long-term married buyer:

 “Rekindle the Romance with …”

And for singles:

 “Show that special person you care”

 “The Single Friends Spa Package”

“Why should couples get all the fun?”  


4. Website Promotion

Maximise your sales by promoting your offerings through all available online and offline channels. This can be through a physical display of products at key point of sale areas or online through your social media or an email campaign.

Read more about the in-house promotion here.

For your online vouchers, there’s a cleverer way you can get attention to them.

  1. Landing Page

Dedicate a Valentine’s Day gift landing page exclusively for your gift experiences.

Make sure the link to this page is featured right on your homepage! It’s also a good idea to add many internal links for the most visibility.

  1. Catalogue Category

Create a Category to promote and group your Valentine’s Day Offers within your voucher browsing page. Then position it to number 1 in the catalogue order on the gift voucher page.


  1. Personalisation

Create add-ons for your vouchers. Customers wanting to construct their experience themselves can make a truly personalised and thoughtful gift to suit their valentine.

You provide a fully personalised experience while boosting your revenue simultaneously. Win=Win.

The type of add-ons available could be an additional spa treatment, maybe a bottle of wine or even some rose petals, couples love that stuff!

Emotional purchases certainly drive up revenue on Valentine’s day.

5. The Final Push

For those last-minute buyers, (which from our Valentine’s Day figures show there are many!), ease their pain by highlighting a last-minute deal or by simply promoting a ‘Last Chance’ for vouchers to be delivered for valentine’s day.

Do this by sending out a last-minute email campaign on the day before and the day of Valentine’s Day. You’ll be surprised how many sales come through on this day.

The ease of online shopping for Valentines Day gift with an instant email confirmation-  it will look like the voucher was planned all along!

For more information on how you can improve your valentines day gift vouchers, contact

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