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In this blog post, we uncover unique salon service ideas to generate return customers and maximise your revenue stream.

Staying ahead of the competition requires constant improvement of your services. Whether this is by introducing new services or making modifications to existing services to keep them feeling current and enticing.

Let’s look at some unique salon service ideas:

1.  Loyalty Reward schemes

Maintaining your current customer base is always the most cost-efficient way to generate long-term revenue.

That’s why it’s a good idea to focus on keeping your current clientele happy. It’s common to have a points card system, which results in a free treatment once enough points have been accumulated.

Another great method is to prioritise loyal customers.

To do this, offer new services to your existing customer first with a discount. Give them discounted priority on new services as a way of expressing your gratitude for their loyalty to you.

Refer a friend- loyalty programme.

Refer- a friend loyalty programmes have incredible success with gaining new customers. We’ve seen great examples of this with HelloFresh.

They’ve generated thousands of new customers while showing appreciation to existing customers. This marketing tool is a great way to provide a trusted source of new referrals for your business.

2.  Experience services

The goal of every salon should be to make their customers feel incredible! After all, that’s your purpose.

But as well as making your clients feel welcome and comfortable, you also need to give them a wow factor. This has much to do with your salon's vibe, the look and smell as it has to do with your services.

One of the most effective ways to entice customers to your business is to offer experiences that they want to be a part of. 

Generate FOMO

FOMO is a powerful emotion that can really motivate people to part-take in an experience, to eliminate their fear of missing out. The most effective way to generate FOMO is to offer a service that is unique and memorable.

Offer unique experiences to specific buyer personas

Offering services to a specific clientele can be a powerful persuasion for the right audience.

There are many different ways to offer unique experiences to specific audiences. One simple example of this would be a salon offering a hair cutting experience catering to children.

Children's salons attract clientele from a much larger radius, as parents would be more willing to drive further to have their children’s hair cut with an experienced children’s hairdresser.

Many hairdressers offering this specific experience for children take the experience further than the chair. The waiting room typically has children and toddler toys and colouring tables.

The hairdressing chair can be a funky car, or a seat with TV screens to occupy the kid’s attention for a safer haircut. A great example can be found here with FunkylittleChickens hair salon.

This works with any type of customer base too. Just think about what they would specifically want, and create a unique service dedicated to their needs.

Add extras to services to wow clients

Another way of generating great experiences would be to add an extra service to their treatment.

A glass of champagne and some scrumptious chocolate-dipped strawberries to accompany a treatment is simple, but can make all the difference to making our customers feel special and have a memorable day.

Create unique salon service ideas packages by combining treatments

Creating packages with deals is another great way of improving your services to create unique experiences. A simple combination of treatments at a discounted price is an easy solution.

For example, adding a pedicure to a cut and colour. When your guests are sitting with their colour, they can feel even more pampered with another treatment to pass the time.

Create unique packages by offering a product & treatment package deal 

We are sure you’ll be using the best products in your salon. You can make huge margins on your revenue by selling products with your services. A great idea is to sell packages with the products included for your customers to take home.

3.  Competition Services

Social media competitions are a really good idea for salons wanting to generate interest and spread the word about their business. 

These work by offering free treatment, experience or product for the competition winner. Then you have to make specific competition rules to generate more followers. For example, “To enter the competition you must like the post, tag two friends below and be following our Instagram page”.

Competition winners usually repost and share their experiences to influence their friends and family. And when friends of competition winners have seen the success they will more likely enter future competitions.

4.  Invest in training to offer new services.

It's so important to invest in your resources. So sending your team away on new training to keep current with trends and techniques is vital to your success.

Stay current and aware of what your audience wants by following influencers for salons on social media. Take note of what’s popular and watch closely. 

5.  Offer gift experience vouchers to sell more unique salon service ideas and entice customers

Offering gift vouchers is a great way to package and sell all of the services mentioned above.

People are always stuck for gift ideas, and offering a wide range of unique service gifts is a great way to solve their gifting dilemma while generating more revenue.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s take the unique experiences package examples above.

You could sell a gift experience voucher that has the treatment and product offer, or the treatment and service offer. People buying that gift experience for a loved one can feel satisfied in knowing that they haven’t just bought a standard monetary gift voucher, it has that something extra that makes the gift that little bit more special. 

6.  Discounted services

There are many ways you can offer discounted experiences that can be an enticing experience for your clients.

Offering a discount on your gift voucher packages is a great way to do this.

Your customers get to have unique and memorable experiences while saving on money. Who could argue with that!  This can also tie in seamlessly with the loyalty reward scheme above.

Offering discounts at specific times of the year is a great marketing tool.

Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are some great times of the year to promote your gift vouchers.

7.  Online bookings

Salons offering online booking have a 29% higher turnover. Offering an online booking service is crucial to capturing more customers. The more convenient you can make your service the more likely you’ll be chosen over your competition.

Some local salons even accept bookings through social media. This works well if posting day discounts to fill up free spaces. Instagram is a great place to offer a one day only discount through your story, with a small note directing customers to directly message for a spare slot. You could even post the story with a direct link to your online booking page.

Having an online precedence and booking store is great for selling gift cards too. Your products and services can reach a much wider range of customers and can be conveniently bought from the comfort of their own homes.

Conclusion of unique salon service ideas

We hope that this post has helped inspire you to think of your own unique salon service ideas.

Thinking outside of the box and creating unique experiences will set you apart from your competition. You’ll begin to attract a larger client base and watch your revenue soar.

If you enjoyed this post on the different unique salon service ideas you could incorporate into your business, you should take a look at our post on hair salon advertising examples. We’ll see you next time!

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