What makes a great salon experience?

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Are you wondering what makes a great salon experience? A great experience rests on being able to provide something of value.

In the service industry, the customer experience essentially sets the customer's perceptions of your brand.

In this blog post we will be focusing on experiences, and more importantly how you can improve your salon experiences to increase your revenue.

Here are a few tips to help you elevate your salon customer experience:

Define Your Customer Experience

Before you can improve your customer experience, you first need to define what that experience is. You can do this by assessing the experience from the customer's perspective and then converting it into services. 

To define your customer experience, you have to know what it is your customers want. So you should aim to improve your customer experience.

Identify your target market

Identifying your target market is one of the best ways to improve customer service, so it's got to be one of your top priorities. If you're not sure where to start, we have a list of target markets that could work for you and might help put things in perspective.

When people walk into your building, it’s important to understand what they’re looking for. Consider things like their:

  • Income
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Values
  • Lifestyle

By refining your customer profile, you’ll need to work out what they want from your customer service. This will guide your marketing plan, and social media calendar and help accelerate your unique salon service ideas.

How to Create a 5-Star Salon Experience?

Now you have an idea of who your customers are, you can begin to create experiences around their needs, wants and desires.

Human touches to what makes a great salon experience

Mention Guests’ Names

Leaders like politicians, business executives and teachers know that remembering names makes people feel special. When you use a name, it's easier to forge strong relationships with them. It's nothing complicated really - just something they should try! Our warm, caring culture is what makes it easy and rewarding to be here. We believe that compassionate interactions are crucial in order to grow.

Personalise your customer’s aftercare

Matching treatments and hairstyles to your customer’s lifestyles is important to their overall satisfaction with your service. Chat with your clients, understand their lifestyle and what level of homecare they’ll be able to achieve with your treatment. Ask about their beauty routines so they'll be sure to get everything they need.

E.g. “Since you don’t have much time in the mornings, I would recommend this quick routine. Alternatively, because you don't like to use a blow dryer I suggest this wet look.”

Smile While Working

Friendly faces are just so contagious, aren't they? People visiting your salon will feel more comfortable and happy which is good news for you. Make sure you conduct tours and give clear instructions to make them at ease. Life is too short to start your day on a negative note.

Unsuccessful marketers might not realise it, but providing customers with a good experience can be as easy as transmitting a genuine smile.

This is because when the mind receives positive messages from facial expressions, it releases mood-lifting enzymes and serotonin. So, greet your customers with eye contact, handshakes and honest smiles!

Saying goodbye can also be accomplished with a few well-placed words that brighten everyone's moods - whether you're clients, customers or fellow workers. Create an environment of happy vibes.

Compliment Your Clients

Compliments are always appreciated. Giving praise is not only kind but it creates a positive experience for the customer and your business. Tell them that you admire their punctuality, clothes and personality or talent sincerely after a makeover so they know you see what they've accomplished.

Choose Words Carefully

Your team’s comments paint pictures in guests' minds. Some enhance or detract from their experience. Replacing negative "I can't", "That's not our policy", and "I don't" messages conveying what's impossible with affirmative alternatives will keep your customers happy. Speaking positively has never been more important! They’ll appreciate your helpful professionalism.

Give 100 Percent Always

Your company's employees should never forget that it’s important to give their best no matter what. Even if the office is raucous and some team members seem on edge, you should also keep in mind what you’re contributing. Your work is better and more uplifting than you think it is

Look for the best version of everything, don't focus on what's wrong with it. When you're positive and optimistic you take notice of all of the good things that are around you. The Salon is open to every person who wants to be successful and achieve their goals. Our team is here for you every step of the way, working with you to have your best experience ever. Whether it's just a haircut or a cut & colour, we promise to provide the highest quality of service possible

You should spend some time ensuring you're delivering a 5-star salon experience to your clients. This will lead to loyal customer reviews, which will contribute to a scalable business of steady customers who return for each visit

Improve the treatment services

Hand out Beverage Menus

One great way to add to your experience while making your customers feel pampered is to hand out a beverage menu.

It’s a very simple but effective way of making your service stand out from the competition creating a special moment for your customers.

When they talk about your salon to their friends, family or on social media this will be one of the memorable moments for them. Their treatments are instantly personalised and unique.

Offer Mini Service Try-outs

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and in this case, they are right because showing customers their new look is a great way to convince them into buying it.

Highly hesitant people will feel more inclined to make the purchase when they're trying out your products on themselves and seeing how good they look!

Use your receptionist or junior team to have a chair free for mini treatments while your customers wait for their appointment.

Add Value

Salon days are an opportunity for pampering for all patrons. You can make that experience even more memorable by offering little extras. During consultations, massage clients’ shoulders briefly or offer scalp massages and treatments before shampooing the hair. Although a high-quality salon experience is a great way to pamper, customers often experience the hardest time recreating the looks on their own at home.

Stay Knowledgeable

Professionals who actively engage in the latest developments in their field of work will earn more money. Knowledgeable personnel deliver higher quality work, improve sales and gain respect from colleagues. Offer new training and classes for your employees so that each one is familiar with all of your services, colours, styles, treatments, and techniques.

Prepare for Recurring Visits

Use technology to make notes on your client’s previous treatments. This way you can best look after them and ensure you have the right stock/ services ready for their appointment.

Even just using an app as a reminder tool. You can see any notes from your sessions and refresh yourself visually as to what colours and lengths they prefer. This alone will impress your clients as they will feel listened to, valued and remembered.

Utilise technology

Keep in touch with loyal customers

Customers are more receptive when businesses interact with them on a personal level. Think about what a customer has done recently in their life, such as new promotions, upcoming trips, and more to make them feel like they matter to the company. These gestures can lead to an increased conversion rate for your business.

Use technology to keep clients coming back year-round with exclusive promotions and monthly discounts. Stay on top of big events such as their birthday, Mother’s Day, or other promotions you have going on. Offer gift cards for discounted services or products. Ongoing communications between you and your customer will solidify their interest in your salon.

Offer a Loyalty Program

The classic 20 / 80% rule shows that for every 20 customers, at least 4 or 5 of them will be your most profitable ones. Working on this group is the key to keeping your salon business as a whole successful.

It’s a lot easier and less expensive to retain your current customers than it is to earn new ones. In fact, returning customers tend to spend more money than newcomers. Your task is to create a beauty salon loyalty program that gives people what they need and wants so that they come back to me again and again.

Send Appointment Reminders

Use technology such as Text and Email reminders to reduce the number of no-shows for your business. When people are grateful for the reminder, they are more likely to show up on time. Every client's time is important, so every second counts. We ask that you contact patrons if they are to experience an unforeseen delay. If that's not possible, we can issue a 15% discount on their visit or offer them some of our products as a consolation.

Conclusion: What makes a great salon experience?

To make your salon business a fully booked hot spot, it's important to give customers good service at all times.

Providing a great customer experience is an important factor in motivating your current customers to return. The customer service you offer should be based on what they need and not just the most popular trends.

If you found this post on what makes a great salon experience helpful, you’ll certainly love to get some more ideas from a past post of ours: Unique salon service ideas.

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