11 Monthly Spa Promotion Ideas

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The spa industry took a hit with the 2019 pandemic, but it's making a steady comeback! Statistics from https://www.statista.com/ show a continued rise, almost back to where yearly spa visits were before the pandemic. 


Importance of promotions for spas (170) 

Introducing spa promotions is necessary to attract new clients and retain existing ones. - Resulting in the business growing and increasing in revenue. 

Regular promotions can attract new customers and reward loyal clients. - Making it one of the best ways to grow your business.

Let’s consider what you must do to improve your monthly spa promotion ideas. 

  1. Importance of online marketing (590)

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still produce a sound?

In today's digital landscape, the same can be said for businesses. If your business doesn't have an online presence, it's practically invisible. 

Like the fallen unheard tree, your business is found with an online footprint. - Missing out on opportunities to connect, engage, and thrive in our interconnected world. 

Establishing an online presence isn't just about visibility; it's about ensuring that your existence is acknowledged, appreciated, and relevant in the vast forest of the internet.

When consumers desire to book a spa day, the first step is to Google “spa day promotions”, “spa day offers near me”, or something like that. 

Therefore, you’ll need to create a solid online presence. You do this by: 

Incorporating digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy can increase your visibility and ultimately grow your business.

2. Create unique spa packages

Creating spa packages for your customers is essential. This is because they help: 

Attract new clients

Unique packages can differentiate a spa from its competitors by offering something new and exciting. This can attract new clients and retain existing ones. 

Increase customer spending

Secondly, unique packages can increase revenue by encouraging clients to spend more on premium services or longer treatments.

Examples of unique spa packages include "The Ultimate Relaxation Package", which consists of a full body massage, facial, and pedicure, or "The Detox Package", which provides a body wrap, sauna session, and lymphatic drainage massage.

It can be promoted in various methods.

Spas can promote these packages on their website, social media pages, and email newsletters. 

An excellent method of packaging and selling these experiences is gift vouchers. We’ll discuss this later in the post. 

They can also offer special discounts or incentives for clients who book these packages in advance.

3. Referral system

A referral system is essential for any business, including spas. Referrals get new clients and help create a loyal customer base. 

To implement a referral system, you can incentivise clients who refer their friends and family. 

  1. It can be as simple as offering a discount on services or adding a free service to their next visit. 
  2. Or create a referral program that rewards clients who refer more than one person. The program could offer more significant discounts or even free services for those who refer multiple clients. 
  3. You could create exclusive referral offers, such as a unique package deal or a VIP membership to further incentivise clients. 

Ultimately, having a referral system is a win-win for the spa and its clients.

4. Form partnerships with other local businesses

Forming partnerships with other local businesses can be highly beneficial for your company. 

  1. By partnering with other businesses, you can expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and access new markets. 
  2. Additionally, partnerships can help you share resources, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

For example, a restaurant could partner with your spa to offer an afternoon tea with a spa day experience. 

  1. To promote these partnerships to clients, you can showcase them on your website and social media channels, send out email newsletters, and offer special promotions to clients who use the partnered services. 

Working with other local businesses can create a stronger community and provide better services to your clients.

5. Host events

Hosting events at a spa can provide numerous benefits.

  1. Firstly, it can attract and retain new customers by offering unique experiences. Spa parties, wellness workshops and yoga retreats create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for clients. These events provide socialising and relaxation opportunities and educate clients on the benefits of self-care and healthy living. 
  2. You can promote these events through various marketing channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and word-of-mouth referrals.
  1. Additionally, offering incentives such as discounts or gift cards can encourage clients to attend and bring their friends along. 
  2. By hosting events, your clients can enjoy a memorable experience, while the spa can increase brand awareness and revenue.

6. Email marketing

Email marketing is vital for spa professionals to communicate with their existing and potential customers. 

It is a cost-effective way to reach many people and promote your business. 

Email marketing strategy examples (390)

Effective email marketing strategies include:

  •  creating a personalised email campaign, 
  • segmenting your email list based on customer preferences and behaviours, and 
  • using engaging subject lines and visuals. 
  • Create a monthly newsletter highlighting their latest offers, services, and products. 
  • Sending personalised emails to their loyal customers to offer exclusive discounts and incentives. 

Email marketing can help spa professionals build lasting customer relationships and increase revenue.

7. Offer gift certificates (1600)

Gift certificates are excellent for boosting businesses. With an online gift experience store, you can reach a wider audience and increase sales with 24/7 availability. 

By offering gift certificates, you can:

  • Increase your sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Expand on your offerings
  • Create personalised experiences 

spa gift certificate ideas

  • Advertise gift certificates on your website, social media pages, or in-store with eye-catching displays and signage. 
  • Offer discounts or promotions for customers purchasing gift certificates.
  • Offer exclusive or limited-time offers to incentivise customers to purchase gift certificates fast. 

This creates a FOMO and increases sales in a short-term window. Which is ideal for events like Black Friday. 

Read more on how to create Black Friday deals for small businesses. 

These strategies can help increase your gift certificate sales and bring in more customers to your business.

8. Offer creative packages and promotions

Offering creative spa packages and promotions can be a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. 

For example, a spa can offer a "Couples Package, " including a couples massage, facial, and champagne toast. 

Or a "Girls' Night Out" package includes a group spa day with manicures, pedicures, and wine. 

These creative packages not only offer unique experiences but also increase the revenue for the spa. 

The best way to promote these packages and promotions is through your gift certificates. This is because just under 80% of gift certificates go unredeemed in a new study by Thehustle. This means that just under 80% of the time, you’ll get 100% of the gift certificate revenue. -Without ever running the service. 

9. Loyalty reward

A loyalty program can be a valuable tool for businesses to retain customers and increase lifetime value. 

By offering rewards and incentives to customers who consistently choose your brand, you can build stronger relationships and encourage repeat business. 

Some suggestions for implementing a successful loyalty program include offering personalised rewards based on customer preferences, making it easy for customers to track their progress towards rewards, and providing exclusive perks or discounts to loyalty members. 

To incentivise clients to participate in the loyalty program, you could offer a sign-up bonus, double points for the first few purchases, or exclusive limited-time offers. Overall, a well-planned loyalty program can benefit your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

10. Social media

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and it has also become an essential tool for spa professionals. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you reach out to your customers, build brand awareness, and increase customer engagement. 

For example, creating visually appealing content and posting it to social media can attract more followers and improve brand recognition. 

Additionally, social media can promote monthly spa promotions creatively, such as offering exclusive discounts or hosting social media contests to engage with customers and generate buzz. 

By leveraging social media effectively, spa professionals can strengthen their online presence and ultimately drive more business to their spas.

11. Be tech-savvy

In today's digital age, spa professionals must be tech-savvy to remain competitive and relevant. 

Streamline operations

By staying up-to-date with technological advancements and utilising tech tools, spa professionals can streamline operations and promote monthly spa promotions more effectively. 

For example, booking software can help manage client appointments and send automated reminders to reduce no-shows. 

Promote on social media.

Additionally, social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, can be used to promote monthly spa promotions with visually appealing graphics, videos, and hashtags. 

Email marketing

Another tech tool that spa professionals can use is email marketing software to send personalised promotions and newsletters to their clients. 

By being tech-savvy, spa professionals can improve their business's efficiency and reach a wider audience with monthly spa promotions.

Monthly spa promotion ideas conclusion

We have discussed 11 different ways to introduce monthly spa promotions that can help you attract new clients and retain existing ones. It is important to remember that creativity and strategic thinking are key when promoting spa promotions. 

Try different strategies to determine what works best for your spa and clients. So, experiment with these ideas to take your spa business to the next level and achieve great success!

Are you looking to attract more clients and boost your spa business? Consider using a gift card system to introduce promotions and attract new clients. 

With gift cards, you can offer discounts, special packages, and other enticing deals to help you stand out. So, if you're ready to take your spa business to the next level, contact us today and learn more about how our gift card system can help you achieve your goals!

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